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Friday, 20 September 2013

Jodhpur minutes

(Recognized by Government of India)


The XXIII Biennial National Conference of AICGWBEA held at Jodhpur from 19th to 22nd July 2013.

            On 19th July 2013 before commencement of Inaugural session of the conference the Flag hoisting was held. The AICGWBEA Flag was hoisted by Shri. Badri Ram Jakkad, Honorable Member of Parliament. Com. S.K.Vyas, Advisor, Confederation of Central Government Employees & Workers, New Delhi was also present in the programme. About 300 delegates and observers participated from different parts of the country. Homage was paid to the Martyrs by all the Leaders of the Confederation, delegates and other comrades who were present in the occasion.

Com. R.N.Choudhry, President of AICGWBEA welcomed the Chief Guest, Guest of Honour, Leaders of Confederation and all other delegates who have come from different parts of the country.  Com. K.S. Madhusudhan, Secretary General elaborately described the history of the association since inception (i.e) 1973.  It was functioning as All India CGWB Employees Union under able leadership of Com. A. B. Bardhan, CPI, who was the founder president. In 1978, the AICGWBE Union has been brought under the JCM & CA Scheme and renamed as All India Central Ground Water Board Employees Association.

            The Conference was inaugurated by Smt. Chandresh Kumari Katoch, Honorable Union Minister of Culture. The Honorable minister in her inaugural address congratulated the AICGWBEA for holding the National Conference at Jodhpur and extended best wishes for the success of the conference. The Union Minister also assured the genuine demands of the CGWB employees will be taken up with the related ministry to resolve at the earliest. The Union Minister further assured that the genuine demands of the Central Government Employees would be taken care by the government on their approach.

             Com, S.K.Vyas, Advisor, Confederation of CG Employees & Workers described the Government attitude towards downsizing contratorisation and privatization. He also quoted in his speech about the necessity and justification of merger of 50 % DA with pay with effect from 1.1.2011, appointment of 7th Pay commission for the central Government employees and withdrawal of PFDRA Bill.

            Com. N. Somaiah, former Secretary General of AICGWBEA and Vice-President of Confederation of CG employees and workers addressed. In this occasion, he has quoted the departmental issues which are pending since long. That is outsourcing of drilling exploratory wells, implementation of amendments to Central Civil Service (RP rules 2008) i.e. upgradation of workshop staffs/drilling staff etc.
            Com. M. Krishnan, Secretary General, Confederation of CG employees and workers, New Delhi delivered his speech and greeted for the success of the conference and also appealed the delegates to take active part in the deliberation sessions with meaningful debate and adopt appropriate resolutions. Com. M. Krishnan, Highlighted the role of Confederation since 1957, right from demanding minimum wages for the workers and the success was vigorous only after 1960 strike. Com. Krishnan elaborated/described the neo–liberal economic policies of the Government since last 20 years which were adversely resulted extensive reduction of employees in major departments like Railways from 17 lacs to 11 lacs, in  Defence from 5.5 lacs to 3.5 lacs (including vacant posts of 50,000) and also in other Central Government departments. Government is keeping all the vacant posts without filling up and which is causing work stress on the employees due to over workload and forced them to sit and work without specified working hours. He appreciated the role of AICGWBEA for the active participation in all the struggles including strikes on all given by the Confederation.

Second Day delegate session (20-07-2013)

            Com. Ram Nivas Choudhary, President chaired the delegate session. While welcoming the delegates and requested the Secretary General to present his report in the house in accordance with the notification.

            Com.K.S.Madhusudhan, Secretary General welcomed the delegates, who came from the different parts of the country and requested to participate with the meaningful deliberations in the delegate session and to pass the Secretary General report.  Accordingly the Secretary General report was placed before the house

1.         Government Attitude towards Working Class:

            Government of India is pursuing since last 10 years Globalisation, Privatisation, Liberalisation which are leading to disastrous economic policies and are adversely resulting extensive job killings, outsourcing leading to exploitation of working class and unorganized sector of labour class.   The anti public sector policies were being adopted under the dictates of International Monitory Fund and World Bank.  The Central Government was trying to sabotage the trade union activities / rights in many folds.  Now the Government may drastically and vigorously pursue the anti-worker policies.  We needs to review the active participation of our gross root level leadership for marching towards endless struggles.

2.         Pension Fund Regulatory Development Authority (PFRDA):

            The Government is putting / investing pension fund in the share market / stock exchange the fund collected from the employees who were recruited on or after 01.01.2004.  The very purpose of PFRDA is to make available the money of workers for stock exchange operations. In other words, the Government would like to facilitate the flow of hard earned income of workers into the hands of the foreign and Indian private entrepreneurs for their mass profits.  Hence, no security of pension to all the employees in the future. The present Government  is keen on pushing the pension and insurance bills, where the Govt. wants to allow 49% foreign investment in the two financial sector that can tap into long term savings and help fund infrastructure. The PFRDA bill may come to the Parliament within short time.  Therefore, it is the time to get united all the employees, i.e. Central Government, State Governments, Public Sector undertaking, teach community and etc, to oppose the pension fund to be put in share market / stock exchange through private managers.

3.         Organise to bring Militancy in the Gross Root level of Working Class and Reject the Scheme of Joint Consultative Machinery & CompulsaryArbitration:

            The demands which are remained unsettled and no full-fledged meetings of JCM are being held periodically, since decades of time. The scheme became totally defunct.  The anomalies arised through anomaly committees out of the recommendations of 5th CPC and 6th CPC are remained unimplemented not only in CGWB but elsewhere, too.  Arbitration awards remained unimplemented. Government is not following the provisions of JCM Scheme truly.

            It is, therefore, left to the present leadership whether to remain with defunct JCM & CA scheme or to organize to bring the militancy in the grass root level leadership for building up organizational moments to achieve the goals since the major issues / demands remained unsettled. It was decided to refer the matter to the Confederation.

4.         Parliament March and Strike Programme:

a)                  The Central Trade Unions, after placing the most pressing demands of the workers highlighted in the Jail Bharo/ Satyagraha agitation on 8th November, 2011, decided to observe one day token Strike on 28.02.2012 on the following, demanding immediate action by the Govt. of India to ensure further as :

1.         No contractorisation of Government services of permanent / perennial nature of payment of wages and benefits to the contract workers at the same rate as available to the regular workers of the industry / establishment.
2.         Amendment of minimum wages Act to ensure Universal Coverage irrespective of the schedules and fixation of statutory minimum wage not less than Rs.10,000/-
3.         Remove the ceilings on payment and eligibility of Bonus, P.F., increase the quantum of gratuity.
4.         Assured pension for all.

            Confederation of Central Government Employees also decided to took part into strike in support of the Trade Unions on common demands in addition to our 14 points Charter. The same was endorsed by AICGWBEA and our participation was 100% in the Strike.

            b) March to Parliament by Central Government Employees on 26th July, 2012 on 14 points of Charter of Demands.

            Confederation of Central Government Employees & Workers organized March to Parliament on 26th July, 2012 on 14 points of Charter of Demands. 80 delegates of All India CGWB Employees Association participated in the March to Parliament and it was success.

            c) 12.12.2012 – Historic Strike of Confederation.

            The Confederation of Central Government Employees and Workers has given a clarion call for one day token strike on 12.12.12 demanding immediate formation of the seventh Pay Commission and Fifteen Point Charter of Demands. The AICGWBEA participation was 100% and the strike was success in most of the parts in the entire country and made remarkable.

5.         Provisions of automatic upward revision of all the fixed compensatory Allowances up to 25% whenever D.A. payable on the revised pay bands goes up by 50%.

Consequent up on the VI CPC recommendations, the Government has accepted for automatic up ward revision of all the fixed compensatory Allowances up to 25% whenever the Dearness Allowance payable on the revised pay bands goes up by 50%. Accordingly the Government has issued Office Memorandums for all 17 fixed compensatory Allowances with different dates in the year 2008 & 2009.  It is reported from the Branch Committees of field offices of Central Ground Water Board that the DDO’s are not being made upward revision of above allowances despite having obvious mention in the aforesaid Office Memorandums of Department of Expenditure, Ministry of Finance.  The CEC took up the issue with the Central Head Quarters Office and made to issue further directions to field offices and now the matter settled. Item proposed to be dropped.

6.         The Post of Office Superintendent to be continued with separate Identity in view of its functional requirement:

            On seeing the functioning in many of the field offices and sections in the Central Headquarters offices at Central Ground Water Board without Office Superintendent, the administration become not only weak but shouldering the responsibility in the middle level supervisory become absent. No guiding factor in the grass root level is available.

            In the second meeting of the MACP Committee held on 15th September, 2010 in the DOP&T, it was raised by the Staff side against item No.11 & 47, stated that in the Railways and other Departments, promotion continues to be given in the merged pay scales since these have not been functionally merged. The Official side agreed to consider such cases if taken up by the respective departments.

            Accordingly, it is demanded that the post of Office Superintendent in Central Ground Water Board should be allowed to be continued with separate identity in view of its functional requirements in the better interest of administration and the Board as well. It has been agreed and took up with Govt. of India. Now, the Superintendents are allowed to be function as middle level supervisory officer with separate identity. Therefore, item proposed to be dropped.

7.         Relaxation of qualification for Limited Departmental Competitive Examination for the post of Lower Division Clerk:

            After having completed the implementation of the recommendations of VI Central Pay Commission, the minimum qualification requirement for the post of LDC has become Senior Secondary School Certificate in place of Metriculation/10th pass. After having gone through the seniority of erst-while group ‘D’ staff in all categories that a negligible number of candidates holding senior secondary school certificate is found available. There-by the posts earmarked for Limited Departmental Competitive Examination will remain vacant and the candidates having the qualification of Matriculation will deprive from the promotion for the post of  LDC on appearing the said Limited Departmental Competitive Examination.

            In view of above, it is submitted before the House of Office Council (JCM), CGWB to consider and obtain one time relaxation for exempting qualification criteria of Senior Secondary School Certificate and conduct Limited Departmental competitive examination on earlier qualification criteria. The Govt. has conveyed the approval for relaxation of qualification criteria in respect of the candidate covered through DPC but rejected for the candidates of LDC examination. The relaxation of qualification criteria for erstwhile group ‘D’ employees for Limited Departmental Competitive Examination should be demanded in the lines of candidates covered in DPC.      

8.         Pay fixation of Drivers to those who were directly placed in the post of Driver Gr.-I on implementation of their Promotional scheme:

            In persuasion of OM No.22036/1/92-Estt(D) dated 30.11.1993 of DOP&T for promotional Scheme for Staff Car Drivers, the Central Ground Water Board also moved a proposal for extending the promotional Scheme for Drivers in CGWB merging together the Heavy Truck Driver, Motor Truck Driver, Staff Car Driver into single ordinary grade with interchangeable duties and responsibilities.  Thereafter modalities of distribution of posts in the ration of 55:25:20 and devise with three graded structure with the payscale of `950-1500, `1200-1800 and `1320-2040(Revised to `3050-4900, `4000-6000 & `4500-7000).  The Ministry has conveyed the approval accordingly and the scheme has been brought into operation in Central Ground Water Board effecting the orders with retrospective effect since promotions are in-situ and no additional responsibilities are involved.  Since the scheme effected retrospectively, the most of the Drivers Gr.II have been again promoted in the same order with their respective effect date for post of Driver Gr.I.  They have further been allowed pay fixation under rule.  Whereas the senior most Drivers who have been promoted directly to the Driver Gr.I have been allowed pay fixation once which put them under disadvantageous position drawing less pay than their juniors.

            The matter has been reported as an agenda item in the Office Council (JCM), CGWB and subsequently in the Departmental Council (JCM), MoWR, but the DOP&T denied to allow pay fixation twice in the grade of Driver Gr.II and then Gr.I to those who have been placed directly in the Driver Gr.I post.

In response to the reference to Geological Survey of India’s proposal in view of Applications filed in the Hon’ble CAT, Bangalore the DOP&T clarified stating that the promotion scheme for staff Car Drivers framed vide the department of Personnel OM No.22036/1/92-Estt(D) dated 30th November, 1993, the Staff Car Drivers of GSI are to be given notional promotion from ordinary Grade to Gr.II on their becoming eligible and thereafter the 2nd notional promotion may be given from the date of they become eligible for a promotion to Gr.I.  Their pay will be fixed in terms of the Rules/ instructions applicable to them for fixation of their pay on each such notional promotion.

            In view of above, it was demanded that the Drivers of CGWB who got promoted to the post of Driver Gr.I directly under the above promotion scheme may be allowed pay fixation twice in the Gr.II and then Gr.I posts in the pay scale of `4000-6000 and then `4500-7000 respectively. The orders issued for fixation of pay at first in the Grade Driver Gr.II and then in Grade of Driver Gd.-I.  The General Secretaries of Branch Committee should ensure its implementation. After obtaining report from General Secretaries on implementation, the item may proposed to drop.

9.         Restructuring of Supervisory posts of Workshop posts of Workshop staff in accordance with the recommendation of VI Central Pay Commission:

            The Government of India vide notification No. F.No. 1/1/2008-IC, dated 28-07-2009, the Central Civil Services (RP) Rules, 2008 has been amended with additional entries at No. 4 & 5, under Sl. No. XIX of section II, Part ‘B’ of the first schedule which relates to Artisans (workshop staff). The payscale of Master Craftsman (Rs. 4500-7000) has been been considered and modified by Government for revision to the payscale of Rs. 5000-8000 corresponding to PB-2 with grade pay Rs. 4200. Further the cadre of highly skilled (Rs. 4000-6000) workers has been split in to a ratio of 50: 50 and redesignated highly skilled Gr. II (PB-1 with GP Rs. 2400) and highly skilled Gr. I (PB-I with GP Rs. 2800). In view of above notification the Master Mechanic and Driller-Cum-Mechanic of CGWB, who are with the status of Master craftsman in the payscale of Rs. 4500-7000 (revised to PB-I with GP Rs. 2800) has been placed in the payscale of Rs. 5000-8000 (revised to PB-2 with GP Rs. 4200). Similarly highly skilled workers (Rs. 4000-6000) has been redesignated as highly skilled Gr. II (Rs. 4000-8000) and highly skilled Gr. I (Rs. 4500-7000) with the ratio of 50 : 50 with replacement payscale of PB-I with GP Rs. 2400 and PB-I, with GP Rs. 2800 respectively.

            Consequent, upon restructuring of the payscales as above and merger of the payscales of Rs. 5000-8000 and Rs. 5500-9000, the VI CPC vide para 3.8.29 proposed to be effected some more restructuring in the supervisory cadre of workshop staff as it felt necessary on functional grounds. The VI CPC, accordingly, recommended the following revised pay structure for the cadre of supervisory/technical staff in the workshops.    

Sl. No.
Present Pay Scale
Recommended Pay Scale
Corresponding Pay Band and Grade Pay
Pay Band
Grade Pay
5.                 6.
Chargeman ‘B’ Chargeman ‘A’ Master Craftsman (upgraded)
Rs. 5000-8000
Rs. 5500-9000

Rs. 5000-9000
Asst. Shop Superintendent
Dy. Shop Superintendent.
Asst. Foreman
Shop Supdt.* Foreman

*          The grades of Asst. Shop Superintendent, Asst. Foreman and Shop Superintendent, Foreman stand merged.

            In view of above, we propose the restructuring the superuisory posts for workshop staff in two levels as mentioned in the above paragraph of VI CPC report for Central Ground Water Board as under.

Sl. No.
Present Pay Scale
Recommended Pay Scale
Corresponding Pay Band and Grade Pay
Pay Band
Grade Pay
5.                 6.
Master Mechanic

Asst. Foreman/ *
Rs. 5000-8000
Rs. 5500-9000
Rs. 7450-11500


*          Stand merged as proposed by VI CPC in earlier tabular form.

            The VI CPC vide aforementioned paragraph emphasized that in a layered Organisation, no justification would exist for retaining more than two levels of technical supervisors. Accordingly, the above restructuring proposal for Central Ground water Board is proposed before the House of Office Council (JCM) to consider the case and approve for implementation. The item was placed in the forum of Office Council (JCM), CGWB. The CGWB was taken up with the Ministry with subsequent reminders. The item is still under consideration of the Ministry.

10.       Violation of approved Transfer norms.

            Agenda item on the subject has been placed before the House of 88th meeting of Office Council (JCM), CGWB held on 31.01.2011 quoting recent transfer orders on promotion which violated the approved transfer norms for Group B, C and D employees.  The said norms which being followed strictly since last more than 25 years violated.  The main object of framing the Transfer Norms have been narrated in the House.  The official side was appraised the House that an amicable solution be made.  But still the administration continues to violate transfer norms despite assurances in the House of 88th Office Council (JCM) meeting for amicable solution.  Pending transfer requests of employees are also not being exceeded prior to convene the DPCs of each category.

            The settlement/ agreement made through the process of education and negotiations in the Office Council (JCM) forum for promoting the TO(D)s in the same place of posting while interchanging the duties and responsibilities of both the categories of TO(D) and ADCM, as the sanctioned strength of TO(D) has come down to a half because of deemed abolition orders  The above settlement made after having thorough debate in the committee constituted by Central Ground Water Board has been violated through the recent office order No.118 of 2011 dated 11.02.2011.  The scientific approach of the Association has been rejected by the Administration of CGWB. After having elaborated discussions, the Chairman assured that there would be no violation of transfer norms further and they will be strictly adhered to.

11.       Granting financial upgradation under ACPS to those who have completed 12
year /24 years of Service prior to 01.01.2006 and thereafter.

            All the categories of erstwhile group ‘D’ staff now classified as Multi Tasking Staff group ‘C’ have been merged together and allowed Grade Pay of ` 1800/- in Pay Band 5200-20200 PB-I. Major part of the (Group ‘D’) Multi Tasking Staff in CGWB has been completed 12 years/ 24 years of service, prior to 01-01-2006 and have been promoted upgraded with different higher pay scales in group ‘D’ category it self.

On the recommendation of VI CPC all those Group-D have been merged and clubbed together with same Grade Pay of ` 1800/- in PB-I. In accordance with the ACPS of August, 1999, the promotions/upgradations which have been earned earlier but merged together later are eligible for financial upgradation under the scheme ignoring the earlier promotions and upgradations.

            The ACP scheme is in-force/ applicable till 31-08-2008. Thereby those erstwhile group ‘D’ staff who have completed 12 and 24 years of service as on 01-01-2006 and till 31-08-2008 needs to be granted financial upgradation under ACPS to the Grade Pay of `1900 and ` 2000 as the case may be .

            Similarly the stenographer Gr. III who had been promoted/upgraded under ACPS earlier to Steno Gr. II and Steno Gr. I, have now virtually got only one promotion/ upgradation under ACPS even on completion of 24 years as the Steno Gr. II and Gr. I has been merged together and promotion from Gr.II to Gr.I has to be ignored. Those Steno Gr. II/ Gr. I who have been completed 24 years should also be awarded 2nd ACPS as on 01-01-2006 and till 31-08-2008 since the scheme of ACP is in force. Accordingly the cases of Asst./Supdt.,Senior Surveyor/ Head Surveyor D/Man Gr. I/Gr. II, ForeMan/Asst. Fore Man cases may also needs to be reviewed and Awarded 2nd financial upgradation under ACPS w.e.f. 01-01-2006 to till 31-08-2008. The item has been placed in the Departmental Council (JCM) MoWR as an agenda item. Though the item admitted later rejected. On approaching the Leader Staff Side, Deptt. Council (JCM), MoWR the Ministry asked him to submit the fresh proposal again. We may, therefore, file the petition in the court of law for justice.  The House approved to approach the Court of Law.

12.       Outsourcing of Drilling the Exploratory Wells of all depths:

            It was mentioned in the note as subject captioned that “meeting taken by the Additional Secretary (WR), MOWR on 19-10-2010.  On enquiry, it is given to understand that no such(separate) meeting was taken by the Additional Secretary and infact it was the meeting of the Regional Directors of CGWB held on 19-10-2010 at Bhujal Bhavan which was chaired by the Additional Secretary, MoWR.  The subject should have been the meeting of the Regional Directors, CGWB instead of above.

            It was stated in the aforesaid note that during the meeting taken by the Additional Secretary(WR) on 19-10-2010, the decision taken was that drilling of Exploratory Wells of all depths may be Outsourced is noting but mis leading the facts and manipulating.  It is also understood and informed that no such discussion on drilling of Exploration Wells of all depths be outsourced was undertaken in the meeting of the Regional Directors held on 19-10-2010 if the meeting quoted in the aforesaid note is the same.  But it is again surprising to state that the minutes were manipulated making the addition at “ 4. Other Issues” under VII) The drilling of Exploration Wells of all depths may be outsourced very mildly at the end.

            The aforementioned note was typed on 14-12-2010, dispatched on 15-12-2010 and the 17th, 18th and 19th December are being Holidays and on 20th December, 2010 was again reminder on the subject matter stating that information inrespect of above is awaited for urgent compliance to Ministry of Water Resources.  Meeting of the Regional Directors was held on 19-10-2010 and the minutes issued on 08-12-2010.  One who has tried to manipulate is very innocent of its repercussions.  However, it must be considered as serious matter for mis-leading and confusing.

            This has been brought an agenda through the forum of Office Council (JCM), CGWB and agreed upon.

            But, after few months again continued to out sourced the drilling of Exploratory Wells. CGWB has outsourced Aquifer mapping through Wapcos for Rs.79 Crores. The survey and exploration has been extensively conducted by CGWB, in the past despite all the relevant data is readily available with CGWB. In this connection, a “MEMORANDUM” has been submitted to the Hon’ble Minister for Water Resources for his intervention and to stop outsourcing. No fruitful results reached yet. We may, therefore, pass a resolution to adopt appropriate agitational programme for preventing the same.  The House approved the same.

13.       Parity of Pay of Assistants / Stenos between Secretariat and field offices:

 The 6th CPC categorically recommended the parity of Pay between Field offices and Secretariat in the case of Assistants and Stenographers vide para 3.1.7. and emphasized the need to bring parity between both vide para 3.1.1, 3.1.3, 3.1.4 and 3.1.5 of their report. The Commission further recommended the upgradation and merger of posts carring payscale of ` 5000-8000, 5500-9000 with the posts in the scale of ` 6500-10500 being upgraded to next higher grade pay of ` 4600 corresponding to the pre revised scale of ` 7450-11500. The Commission also recommended for the upgradation of the Pay Scales of Head Clerk/Assistant/Steno Grade II/equivalent carrying pay Scales of 4500-7000/5000-8000 to 6500-10500.  The posts of Superintendent/Asst.Admn Officer/Private Secretary/equivalent were also recommended for upgradation from 5500-9000 to 6500-10500 vide para 3.1.14 and recommended the merger of hree pre-revised scales and replaced them in the revised pay structure of grade pay of ` 4200 in the Pay band PB-2.

            Subsequently the government issued an OM No. F.No.1/12008-IC dated 13.11.2009 granting upgradation of posts which were in the pre-revised scale of ` 6500-10500 as on 1.1.2006 with Grade Pay of ` 4600 in the Pay band PB-2.  The posts of Assistant/Stenographer of the Secretariat service has thus been replaced with the Grade Pay of ` 4600 in the PB-2 through an another OM of Government.  It has been extended to the Assistants of Central Secretariat though they were not placed in the pre-revised payscale of `6500-10500 as on 01.01.2006. This benefit has not been extended to the comparable posts of Assistant/Steno and Superintendent (after the merger) in non-secretariat organizations despite of specific recommendations of the 6th CPC vide chapter 3.1 Head quarters Organisations in Govt. of India and office staff in the field organizations for maintaining parity between them

              Further, the Commission stated at para 3.1.6 in their report that “ it has caused a hiatus between similar placed posts in different Secretariat  services because higher pay scale has been limited to the Assistants belonging CSS only.  Assistant working in other Secretariat organizations like AFHQ,MEA and various other non-participating ministries/organizations etc have been denied this and stridently demanding similar higher pay scales from the Government.”

 The prime intention of the Commission undoubtedly is to bring complete parity between similar designated posts of Assistants/Stenos of the Secretariat and Field Offices. This has been jeoparadized by not upgrading the posts of Assistant/stenographers of Field offices at par with that of Assistants and Stenos of Central Secretariat. 

Moreover, it is also to mention that in all the Ministry’s for UDCs (Central Secretarial Staff) who have completed 5 years service have been placed Rs.4200/- Grade Pay as UDC (NFSG-Non Functional Selection Grade) based on last 5 years APAR. As per the 6th CPC recommendation, there should not be any discrimination between Central Secretariat and Subordinate Office.

            In view of the above, extension of the parity of Pay between the Secretariat Assistants/Stenos and their counterparts in Field offices w.e.f 1.1.2006 was brought to the notice of Confederation of Central Government Employees & Workers during 24th National Conference of Confederation held at Kolkata and it included in their charter of demands.


            There are many drilling Rigs which become obsolete and needs its replacement. The Central Ground Water Board is proposing to survey off the old drilling rigs some time back. Once these rigs surveyed off have been approved those rigs can not put in operation, thereby drilling staff become surplus and drilling activity in the most of places remain stand still. The drilling activity in the Board become very slow because of old drilling rigs of 50 years old which have been put in operation. Therefore the old drilling rigs needs to be surveyed off and its replacement with new modernized once are essentially required to improve the progress and efficiency of the drilling operations and Board as a whole.  We may therefore pass resolution for replacement of old drilling Rigs.  The House approved and passed the resolution.


            The store keeping staff of Geological Survey of India and the storekeeping staff of Central ground water Board are entrusted with identical duties and responsibilities. The Geological Survey of India is the parent Department of Central Ground Water Board.  When the staff of Ground Water wing of GSI merged with CGWB most of the staff has come from GSI and were with same pay structure. The pay scales and the pattern allowed to the storekeeping staff of GSI should also needs to be extended to the storekeeping staff of Central Ground Water board. It is therefore requested to explore the possibilities of extending pattern and pay structure of GSI to CGWB in respect of Storekeeping staff.   We may, therefore, pass a resolution to add in the Charter when proposed an agitational programme.  The same was approved.

16.       Payment of Compensation to the victims of Road Accident involving Motor Vehicles should be paid Compensation by the Government and Defence of case also be provided on Government Expenses:

            The Central Government Motor Vehicles are not been insured due to exemption under Rules. If the Vehicles insured, the compensation has to be paid by the concerned Insurance Company without establishing whether Driver is at fault or otherwise. Since the Government Vehicles are not insured, the damage to the vehicle on accident and compensation claim on casualty by other party and other expenses of Court are being recovered from the Driver. Such recoveries are adversely effecting the family budget of the Driver and his family members. The Driver is an employee and owner of the Vehicle is Central Government, hence the Master and servant principle needs to be applied in this case, there by Master should pay all the damages of Vehicle of his own, other party too and expenses caused due to the road accident.

            In view of what stated above, it was proposed an agenda item in forum of the House of Office Council (JCM), CGWB to consider the case, admit for debate and pass the orders in favour of the Drivers to make the payments required, by the Govt. on account of road accident. On pursuing the matters, the orders as demanded were issued but it appears that the General Secretaries of BEC should implement the same and report to CEC.   It is one of great achievement.  The item proposed to drop.

17.       Technical Operators should be kept away from Chowkidar duty.

            Since last few years, about 500 Technical Operator pots in different categories have been abolished against existing strength of 1500 posts under deemed abolition orders.  Since no chowkidar posts for drilling site have been sanctioned, the Technical Operators have been entrusted with the duties of chowkidar on rotational basis in the drilling site.  Taking this exception position as advantage, the divisional authorities are entrusting the Technical Operators for Peon duty, chowkidar duty and other Group ‘D’ duties in the Base camp bringing them from rig site/workshop/store.  Their educational qualification and Technical capabilities are being under utilized.  Since they have been classified in Group ‘D’ services, they are being exploited very conveniently. It was decided in the Office Council (JCM) CGWB that the duties of Chowkidar need to be carried out through outsourcing. Till such time, present practice may be adopted. The Central Ground Water Board now applying delay tactics as the matter kept pending without implanting. Despite years of duration passed no filed Office carried out outsourcing the chowkidar duty at the Rig site.  The item proposed to include in the list of Charter proposed for agitational programme. The House approved the same.

18.       Amendments to Central Civil Services (Revised Pay Rules, 2008 and Upgradation of Workshop Staff / Drilling Staff:

            The Government of India vide notification No. F.No. 1/1/2008-IC, dated 28-07-2009, the Central Civil Services (RP) Rules, 2008 has been amended with additional entries at No. 4 & 5 under Sl. NO. XIX of section II, part ‘B’ of the first schedule which relates to workshop staff. The payscale of Master Crafts man (Rs. 4500-7000) has been considered and modified by Govt. for revision to the payscale of Rs. 5000-8000, corresponding to Pay Band PB-2 and Grade Pay GP 4200/-. Further, it is stated that the cadre of Highly Skilled (Rs. 4000-6000) workers stands equally split in a ratio of 50: 50 and redesigned as Highly Skilled Gr. II (Grade Pay of Rs. 2400 in PB I) and Highly Skilled Gr. I (Grade Pay of Rs. 2800 in PB I). Similarly, the drilling staff being artisans and always treated as part of workshop staff also should be extended the benefit of additional entries made in the CCS (RP) Rules,2008.

            In view of above, it was demanded that the modification/amendments to aforesaid CCS (RP) Rules, 2009 in respect of workshop staff should immediately bring in to force as Master Mechanic, Mechanic, Assistant Driller-Cum-Mechanic (ADCM) and Driller-Cum-Mechanic (DCM) in Central Ground Water Board who ere effected with the modification of aforesaid CCS (RP) Rules, 2008. Accordingly, the above order have been implemented, arrears have been drawn. But, after having drawn the pay & allowances for above 18 months, the PAO abruptly stopped revised pension for retirees. The Director (Admn.) also issued directions to kept abeyance of earlier orders. The Association sought stay orders through Hon’ble CAT, Jodhpur. The Hon’ble CAT stayed the directions of kept in obeyance. The item also being persued through the forum of Deptt. Council (JCM), MoWR.

19.       Construction of Staff Quarters:

            The official side has been agreed to have staff quarters for CGWB employees in the first instance where GPRA are not in existence.  The Branch Committees at Bhubaneshwar pursued vigorously and achieved to some extent as they purchased land and constructed boundary wall.  Two years earlier, the fund was made available for construction of staff quarters at Bhubanehswar.  This achievement and pride to our Association.  The Branch committees’ efforts in Bhubanehswar in this regard needs to be applauded. Similarly in other places, the General Secretaries are advised to go for a piece of land where they fell need of staff quarters and pursue for those constructions. EFC memo has been issued for construction of staff quarters at Bhubaneshwar for Rs.10.00 Crores in the present five year plan.

20.       MERGER OF FOREMAN & ASSTT. FOREMAN Amendment of Recruitment Rules:

a)      Foreman : The CGWB has been sanctioned 16 posts of Foreman for 16 Divisional Workshops one each.  Because of recent amendment of Recruitment Rules of Foreman for 50% promotions and 50% by direct recruitment method has come into existence.  Out of 50% of direct recruitment 2/3 posts are being attracted by deemed abolition orders.  A post of Foreman has already been abolished and a Divisional Workshop is functioning without Foreman heedlessly.  The Assistant Foreman are suffering with stagnation of promotion, despite having completed 12 years of regular service. Therefore, it was demanded for merger of Foreman and Asstt. Foreman so as to put one in the workshop and the other regularly look after drilling sites to condon the delay of repairing break downs and etc. The merger proposal is approved by DoP&T and is on final stage.

b)     MERGER of JE & STA(M):
The Junior Engineer used to be promoted to the post of Assistant Engineer prior to 1996.  Though the posts of STA(M) have come into existence, the Junior Engineer remained feeder post for promotion to the post of Assistant Engineer.  The provisions of feeder posts of Junior Engineer to the post of Assistant Engineer has been dispenses with and made the Junior Engineer as feeder post for promotion to the post of STA(M).  STA(M) being little in the strength caused amendment of Recruitment Rules and made 50% direct recruitment and 50% promotion which resultantly upward movement becomes negligible.  Neither STA(M) nor JEs have adequate promotional avenues.  The staff side therefore, suggested in the forum of Office Council(JCM), CGWB that:

(i)                 The JE and STA(M) both be made together as feeder posts to the post of AE with relevant feeder service.
(ii)               Non non-availability of feeder service (eligibility) candidate, the vice versa STA(M) and JE eligibility criteria can be adopted.
(iii)             STA(M) feeder service of 3 years and JE + sTA(M) with 8 years’ service and minimum of 1 year as STA(M) can also be made eligible.  Taking into consideration of total strength of STA(M), JE, Foreman, Assistant Foreman as feeder category for the post of AE with 100% promotion so that some improvement for their promotion prospects could be generated. 
(iv)             The CGWB sent a proposal for merging STA(M) with JE and promoted directly to AE as existing in the past.  This will result all the posts of AE can be filled up through promotion.  The proposal has been agreed to by DOP & T and Recruitment Rules also approved and are being notified.
(v)               Now the matter is long pending with the Ministry.

21.       Functioning of Regional Councils under JCM & CA Scheme:

            A period of 9 years have been elapsed, still functioning at the Regional Council at many places are not functioning in accordance with the provisions of the Regional Councils.  The main motive and object behind introduction of this council is to make aware of their jurisdiction for authorities and staff side representative of that particular Regional and Divisional Offices instead of referring the matters to Central Headquarters Office. In many places, though it has been inaugurated perhaps, they are not holding periodical meetings as per the scheme.  The Leader Staff Side / Secretary Staff Side of Regional Council wherever their Regional Councils are in function, wherever the Regional Council became defunct and the General Secretaries of BECs wherever their Regional Councils are yet to be set up should initiate for functioning the Regional Council(JCM) effectively.

22.       Exemption from submission of Food Bill for reimbursement during on Official Tour.

            It was taken up in the 91st Office Council (JCM) and demanded for exemption from submission of Food Bill for reimbursement with the T.A. claim, during on Official Tour and to adopt on the line of AG’s Office guidelines by submitting self certificate. On pursing the matters, the orders as demanded were issued in the same manner and it is settled. The Item proposed to be dropped.

23.       Clubbing of LDC/UDC & Assistant posts for the purpose of work distribution and posting in the same place on promotion:

            The point was taken up in the agenda item in the 93rd Office Council (JCM) stating that the above 3 (three) posts were treated as one category for the purpose of work distributions and their posting. Since, there was shortage of posts in different categories of Clerical Staff, this practice was adopted to achieve the required progress not only in carrier progress of Staff but also in entire establishment and administration matters.
It is, therefore, demanded to reinstate the practice so that promotion on transfer for one post to another can be avoided and the nature of duties of the posts are also to be merged to achieve the targets.

            The matter was discussed in detail, after detailed discussion it was agreed with condition by the authorities. In this connection a letter has been submitted to the Chairman, CGWB that a resolution will be adopted in the forthcoming Biennail National Conference of our Association and also requested to defer the DPC till such time.  The House agreed the same and passed the resolution.

24.       Revision of rates/norms of Camp equipments, Consumable & non-consumable items and personnel equipments:

The Point was taken up in the 91st Office Council (JCM) for revision of rates of Camp equipments, Consumable & non-consumable items and personnel equipments which was issued in 2009. Based on the demand a committee was constituted for finalization of the rates by inducting Secretary General as one of the member in the committee.

            As demanded the orders were issued with revision of rates moderately matching with the market rate vide letter No.28-06/personal equipment/2012-GC-815 dated 31st January, 2013.  Matter settled. Item proposed to drop.

25.       Allowance for Scheduled Tribal Area Allowance:
            About fourteen districts in the State of Jharkhand has been declared/redefined as scheduled areas through a notification of Legislative Department, Ministry of Law & Justice. Consequent upon the decision taken by the Government in pursuance of the recommendations of 6th CPC, the Govt. decided to modify and to bring the Central Government Employees to be admissible the Scheduled Tribal Area Allowance. The Ranchi district in the State of Jharkhand is getting covered within the orbit of aforesaid allowance.

            On the above basis it was demanded in the 91st Office Council (JCM) for implementation for our Employees of Div.-V & State Unit Office situated at Ranchi. The orders were issued as demanded for the payment of Scheduled Tribal Area Allowance for them. Item proposed to be dropped.

26.       Court Cases filed on TO(D), TO(S) & TO(M):

            The upgradation of Pay scale of TO(D), TO(S) & TO(M) has been demanded to Rs.950-1500 (pre-revised prior to 5th CPC). At par with Khalasis in Railways & Technical Operator post in GSI as recommended by the 5th CPC. The same was taken up in the Deptt. Council to settle the anomaly, the same was agreed by the Ministry later it was rejected by the Govt. This was discussed in the Ambala conference and was decided to approach the Court of Law. Accordingly, the case has been filed in the CAT, New Delhi for Justice.

            After elaborate deliberations on the above points presented by the Secretary General, the report was approved by the House.

            On approving the report, the Secretary General expressed his thanks to one and all for their extensive support and cooperation during his tenure for effective functioning and achievements made by the Association.


            Organising Secretary report has been submitted by Com.Vishwajit, Assistant Organising Secretary on behalf of Com.P.S.Prasad, Organising Secretary, who could not attend the conference due to his personal tour to abroad.

            On submission of Organising Secretary report, it was debated, finally the report was  approved by the house with some additions/deletions.


            The Finance Secretary report for the period 2011-2013 has been submitted by            Com. A. N. Gupta, and the report was approved by the house with some suggestions.

1.      The House demanded that the Accounts records should be brought to the Biennial National Conference for checking by the committee, if needed.
2.      The House also approved a committee needs to be constituted for checking the vouchers for the period 2011-13.
3.      The House proposed that if any one allowed tour on flight that should be approved in the CEC meeting.


            The Audit report for the tenure 2011-2013 was placed in the house by Com. Nityanand, Chief Auditor and accepted with some additions and delitions. It was decided that the following are to be taken care by the Central Executive Committee.
1.      The Accounts for fixed deposits needs to be maintained separately.
2.      All the vouchers are to be approved by either Secretary General or President. It is absent in the some of Vouchers submitted for the tenure 2011-13.
3.      Accounts ledger balance and pass book balance are not matching each other. The CEC should take care of it and rectify.
4.      It was decided that the expenditure on TA/DA should be restricted as far as possible. All the CEC members should travel in Sleeper Class only.

Thereafter, the Central Executive Committee has been dissolved with the nomination of Election Commissioner Sh. S K Meena, Asstt. Executive Engineer for undertaking Election process.

            The elections for the CEC were conducted by the Election officers Sh. S. K. Meena for the tenure 2013-2015.  The following were elected as Office Bearers of CEC.

President                                             :           Com. Ram Nivas Choudhary (Unanimouse)
Vice –President                                   :           Com. R.K. Pandey   (Elected)
                                                                        Com. N. Prem Kumar (Elected)
Secretary General                                :           Com. K.S.Madhusudhan (Elected)
Assistant Secretary General                :           Com. A. Balasundaram (Elected)
                                                                        Com. Sadasiv Acharya (Elected)
Organising Secretary                           :           Com. M. Rajan (Unopposed)
Assistant Organising Secretary           :           Com. P.C.Sukla (Elected)
Finance Secretary                                :           Com. Shashi Ranjan Kumar (Elected)

FOURTH DAY (22-07-2013)

            In the morning session, the newly elected office bearers assumed the charge of CEC.  Thereafter, the Secretary General had requested the house to present the charter of demands by each Branch Committee. After having debated, the following Charter of Demands have been finalized.

Charters of demands

1.      Supply of quality tents with durrey to the field staff on priority.
2.      Upgradation of pay scales of Store keeping staff at par with GSI.
3.      Filling up of all the vacant posts.
4.      Technical Operators should be placed in the pay scale of Rs.3050-4590/- at par with GSI, Railways as per the recommendations of the 5th CPC.
5.      Allocation of sufficient funds for the construction of staff quarters at Bhubaneshwar.
6.      The post of Private Secretary may be sanctioned in every Regional office
7.      Clubbing of posts of LDC/UDC/ Assistant for the purpose of posting with interchangeable duties.
8.      Supply of store material such as Pipe, Bits, Gravel and Mud etc., to achieve target in the field formation.
9.      Instead of recruiting Driver Gr.II/ASK/Mechanic, the entry level posts the Driver(OG)/ TO(S) and TO(M) may be recruited for promotional avenue of the incumbent.
10.  Advance Training should be given to all the technical and scientific cadre staff, according to the advanced equipment and technology.
11.  Undertaking should not be insisted on promotion from the post of TO(D) to ADCM.
12.  Solar power system may be introduced in all drilling/pump units.
13.  Speedy action may be taken for acquiring land for Divisional and State Unit office at Ranchi and Jammu.
14.  State Unit office should be upgraded to Regional office at Ranchi
15.  Returning of Camp material may not be insisted after life span.
16.  Vehicles used for field work at Regional and Divisional office may be converted to operational vehicle, so that new vehicles can be purchased for field work against the surveyed off vehicles.
17.  The imprest amount for office expenditure in Regional and Divisional office may be enhanced according the existing market value.

            At the end, the President expressed his thanks  to all the members, who have come from different parts of the country to attend the conference and participated in the deliberations. He declared that the conference is concluded. Thereafter, the flag was brought down by R. N. Choudhary, President followed by slogans.

                                                     (K S MADHUSUDHAN)
                                                     SECRETARY GENERAL


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