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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

General Strike on 28/2/2012

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The Central Trade Unions-BMS, INTUC,AITUC,HMS,  CITU, AI UTUC, AICCTU,UTUC,TUCC,LPF and SEWA-have called upon the workers and employees of all sectors to go on one day  general strike on 28-02-2012, throughout the country. The Central Trade Unions having affinity to Congress, BJP and Left Parties and regional parties like DMK have all come together and gave this call unitedly. The trade unions/federations in various sectors which are not affiliated to any of these central trade unions(AIBEA and BEFI in Banking, Confederation of Central Government employees, BSNLEU and NFTE in BSNL, All India State Government Employees Federation etc have also given the call. In BSNL, since the BTEU and FNTO are affiliated to BMS and INTUC, they also will join the strike.

This strike is a continuation of the struggles being organized by the working class against the anti-worker policies of the Government. Earlier, on 8th November 2011 a massive satyagraha/jail bharo/dharna programmes were organized throughout the country.  Despite several rounds of united protests by the entire trade union movement of the country, the Goveernment remained unresponsive to the major concerns of the working people. Rather, anti-worker moves are being taken up to further aggravate the prices through frequent hike in power tariff, petroleum prices etc. Existing labour rights including the right to form trade union, are sought to be curtailed. Social security and pension are under attack, through various legislative measures and administrative moves. Mass scale contractorisation of the regular work is taking place in all the work places including PSUs and Government Departments. Contract workers are not being paid statutory minimum wages in most of the cases. Disinvestment of shares of PSUs is being actively pursued by the Government to facilitate phased privatization of the PSUs. 

There is rampant corruption all round and huge black money generation in the economy. The Trade Unions have been demanding concrete legislative and administrative measures and change in the policies to prevent corruption and bring back the black money stashed abroad.

Since there is no response from the Government for settling the demands, the trade unions have decided for one day nation wide general strike on 28-02-2012 on the following demands:

  1. Charter of demands.
    1)   Concrete measures to contain price rise.
    2)   Concrete measures for linkage of employment protection with the concession/incentive package offered to the entrepreneurs,
    3)   Strict enforcement of all basic labour laws without any exception or exemption and stringent punitive measures for violation of labour laws.
    4)   Universal social security cover for the unorganized sector workers without any restriction
    5)   Creation of a National Social Security Fund with adequate resources in line with the recommendation, of NCEUS and Parliamentary Standing Committees on Labour, Stoppage of disinvestment in Central and State PSUs, the Central Trade Unions also demand immediate action by the Govt. of India to en sure:-
    6)   No Contractorisatlon of work of permanent/perennial nature and payment of wages and benefits to the contract workers at the same rate as available to the regular workers of the Industry/establishment
    7)   Amendment of Minimum Wages Act to ensure universal coverage irrespective of the schedules and fixation of statutory minimum wage at not less than Rs 10,000/-,
    8)   Remove the ceilings on payment and eligibility of Bonus, Provident Fund; Increase the quantum of gratuity.
    9)   Scrap PFRDA Bill/New Pension Scheme; Ensure pension for all.
    10) Compulsory registration of trade unions within a period of 45 days and immediate  
          ratification of ILO conventions 87 and 98.
    1.         Stop downsizing, outsourcing, contractorisation, coporatorisation and privatization of     Governmental functions.
    2.         Fill up all vacant posts and create posts on functional requirements.
    3.         Revise wages of CGEs with effect from 1.1.2011 and every five years thereafter.
    4.         Regularize the GDS, daily rated workers, contingent and casual workers by bringing  about a definite scheme of regularization.
    5.         Remove restriction imposed on compassionate appointment ( end the discrimination
                on compassionate appointment between the Railway workers and other CGEs).
    6.         Stop the move to introduce the productivity linked wage system; Performance related pay; introduce PLB in all Departments; remove the ceiling of emoluments for bonus computation.
    7.         Settle all items of anomalies (including the MACP related anomalies) raised in the National and Departmental Anomaly Committee within a fixed time frame of two months; Set up the anomaly committees in those Departments where it has not been set up till date with the Standing Committee Members of the National Council; Convene the meeting of the Departmental Council in all Ministries / Departments once in three months as envisaged in the JCM Scheme.
    8.         Make the right to strike a legal right and stop curtailment of TU Rights.
    9.         Implement all Arbitration Awards.
    10.       Raise the interest rate for GPF; Revise the OTA and Night Duty Allowance and Stitching and Clothing Rates of Uniforms.
    11.       Merge DA with Pay for all purposes including Pension as and when the DA rates cross the 50% mark.
    12.       Vacate all Trade Union Victimizations. 
It is necessary to make this strike a great success  to pressurize the Government for settling the demands.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Extended Central Executive Committee meeting on 11.02.12 and 12.02.2012

Venue of meeting at Bangalore
SCM House 1st Cross Mission Road
Near Subbai circle

Accommodation at CITU office Seminar Hall Mission Road available from  10/2/12.

Venue is just  3 kms from Bangalore City Railway station/ Main bus stand  and
10 kms from Yeswhanthpur Railway Station  
Intimate your programs for making arrangements .  


Monday, 9 January 2012

Clarification regarding Relaxation for travel by air to visit J&K against All India LTC

The following doubts regarding admissibility of LTC claim on account of air travel to NER/J&K against all India LTC availed by a Government servant (being non entitled to travel by Air) whose HQrs. Office and home town is the same was taken up with DoP&T for clarification:
(i) Whether an individual who is not entitled to Home Town Concession (due to his HQrs and home town being same) can convert his All India LTC to visit NER/J&K, and,
(Ii) Whether he will be allowed to travel by air to NER/J&K on conversion of his All India LTC (being non-entitled to travel by air) or not, in terms of  the guidelines laid down In GoI, D0P&T OM No. 31011/4/2007-Estt(A) dated 02.05.2008 and OM No. 31011/2/2003-Estt.(A-IV) dated 18.06.2010.
2. The D0P&T has clarified vide its OM No. 31011/8/2010-Estt.(A) dated 21st December 2011 that “a Government employee can avail All India LTC to visit J&K by air and those who are not entitled to travel by air may be allowed to travel by air to a city in the J&K from Delhi or Amritsar. And journey upto Delhi/Amritsar will have to be taken as per their entitlement.”

Friday, 6 January 2012

Central Executive Committee meeting on 11.02.12 and 12.02.2012 at Bangalore


                                                            Dated: 06-01-2012


          In pursuance to the provision contained under the Article XII (A) (ii) of the Constitution, it is hereby convened the extended Central Executive Committee meeting on 11.02.12 and 12.02.2012 at Bangalore at 11.00 AM.

          All the Central Executive Committee Office bearers, Members Staff Side, Office Council(JCM), CGWB/Departmental Council (JCM), MOWR (CGWB), all the Branch Committee Chairman/General Secretaries who are ex-officio members of the Central Executive Committee are required to take part in the deliberations of the above meeting.

          In view of the above, all the office bearers of Central Executive Committee Members, staff side, Office Council (JCM), CGWB/Departmental Council (JCM)/MOWR (CGWB) are advised to make it convenient to attend the aforementioned meeting positively.


1.       Resignation of Com.A.K.Halder for the post of Secretary General, its acceptance and the charge entrusted to Com.K.S.Madhusudhan.
2.       Implementation of amendments to CCS(RP) Rules, 2008 and upgradation of artisans in CGWB vide letter NO.7-23/09/Engg.Estt 17.02.2010.  Discussion on stay order of PAO letter dated
3.       Ground Water Exploration through outsourcing vide letter No.142/ CGWB/M(SAM)/GW Expl-171 dated 29.11.2011 of Member(SAM).
4.       Violation of approved transfer norms.
5.       Transfer of Secretary General to Central Headquarters office, CGWB, Faridabad.
6.       Regular publication of Bhujal Shram Shakti, an organ of the Association.
7.       Uneven distribution of posts in the field offices of CGWB.
8.       Any other point with the permission of the chair.


Monday, 2 January 2012

National Anomaly Committee meeting

The fourth meeting of the National Anomaly Committee to discuss the anomalies arising out the implementation of the recommendations of the 6th Central Pay Commission is scheduled to be held on Thursday, the 5th January, 2012 at 3.00 P.M. in Room No.119, North Block, New Delhi, Secretary, Department of Personnel & Training will chair the meeting.

Pension scheme to offer 8.6% assured return option

The new pension scheme (NPS) will offer an option for an assured return of 8.6% for investments in government bonds, while subscribers willing to take a higher degree of risk can look at other choices, where their contributions are invested in a mix of private and government placements. according to sources