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Saturday, 13 December 2014

On behalf of AICGWBEA, CEC, I, M.Rajan, Organising Secretary, was invited as a Chief Guest in the farewell party of veteran leader Com. Joy Kutty, who has rendered most fruitful service to our members throughout his career.  Com. Joy Kutty's brain was behind the success of our Bi-ennial National Conference held at Thiruvananthapuram during the year 1996.  He had declined his promotion as Gazetted Officer twice, because he had joined as Comrade and wanted to retire as Comrade. 

AICGWBEA wishes him a very happy and peaceful retired life.

I also attended Regional Council meeting (RJCM) held at CGWB, SR, Hyderabad on 05-12-14 as a special invitee and narrated/urged the importance of the Regional council meeting.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

HELD AT PATNA ON 23.8.14 AND 24.8.14

           As per the Notification issued by the Secretary General vide letter no. CEC-1/13-15 dated 15th.July.2014 two days Annual Conference of AICGWBEA was held at Patna on 23rd & 24th.Aug.2014  at Income Tax Compound, Near Income Tax Golambar, Beer Chand Patel Path, Patna-1 under the Presidentship of Com. Ram Niwas Choudhury, President, AICGWBEA.  This conference was hosted by BEC, Mid Eastern Region, Patna & BEC, Division-V, Ranchi.  The Chairman & General Secretaries of Branch Executive Committees were participated alongwith the Members of Central Executive Committee, Office Council & Departmental Council.  Also Com. N. Somaiah,Vice-President of Confederation of CG Employees, New Delhi & former Secretary General of AICGWBEA & Com. Arjun Singh, Ex-ASG of AICGWBEA   were  participated in the meeting.  Com. Shah Nitish also attended the programme.

            Before proceeding of the meeting, Flag of AICGWBEA was unfurled by Com.R.N.Choudhary,  President with loud slogans enchanted by all the comrades present in the occasion. Then the meeting started around 11.30 a.m. in the Income Tax Central Revenue Conference Hall.  The Annual Conference was inaugurated by Hon’ble Chairman of Legislative Council, Sh. Awadesh Narayan Singh & another two dignitaries Hon’ble MP, Sh. R. K. Singh & Sh.Ashwin Kr. Chubbey were invited as chief guest to grace the occasion.  They were welcomed to the dais by our President and Secretary General & greeted with bouquet & memento.  Then Com. R. N. Choudhary, President requested them to deliver their speeches and they praised the work activities of Central Ground Water Board meant for the nation.  They also stated the importance of water in the coming days as well as the vital role of CGWB employees.  Sh. R. K. Singh, M.P. as well as Ex-Home Secretary suggested for more publicity of the day-to-day activities of the Board .  Sh.  Ashwin Kumar Chaubay, MP highlighted about the Rejuvenation of Ganga River programme undertaken by the Government of India under the supervision of Ku. Uma Bharati, Hon’ble Minister of Water Resources  which was a dream of our  present Hon’ble Prime Minister, Shri Narender Damodar Das Modi which is going to be fruitful.  Also, he expressed his feeling to have a Divisional Office at Patna & simultaneously a Regional Office at Ranchi because most of the people are suffering from fatal diseases due to mix up of chemicals like Arsenic, Nitrate & fluoride etc., in few basins of Ganga River.   He  also pointed out about some parts of the Bihar those who are facing acute shortage of water  and  facing much problem in deploying drilling rigs.  If the divisional office at Patna & Regional Office at Ranchi is available then it will be very useful for the people of Bihar.  Regarding this,  he advised the Administration &  Employees Association to submit a concrete proposal to  concerned Ministry  with an endorsement to him to establish the need of these offices, so that he will take up the proposal  with the Hon’ble Minister of Water Resources and in the house of Parliament.

            Com. R. N. Choudhary, President welcomed all the Chairman & General Secretaries participated in the Annual Conference and specially thanked  both the BECs of MER, Patna & Div.-V, Ranchi  who arranged this beautiful programme in a organized manner. He also expressed his thanks to the Officers of Regional Office & Divisional Office those who extended their whole heart support to both the BECs & CEC to keep this Annual Conference at Patna.  Next, Com. President invited Com. N. Somaiah, Vice President of Confederation & Former Secretary General of  AICGWBEA  to keep his speech in dais.

            Com. N. Somaiah gave special thanks to Com. Biswajeet, Chairman of BEC, MER Patna for his offer of invitation to attend this glorious annual conference as well as both the BECs.  He expressed the role of Employees Association in the Board and the importance of our Association in the Confederation of CG Employees, New Delhi.  It was highlighted during his speech about the next step of Confederation during the month of September 2014 to fulfill the 11 charter of demands given in the call and hope to make it grand success.  He hinted the casual attitude of the department in finalizing the proposed RRs and to convene the DPCs intime as per existing RRs without waiting the finalization of new RRs, as per Para 3.1 of Government of India, DOP & T O.M.NO.22011/5/86-Estt(D), dated 10th April 1989.  Also, he stated the need of clubbing of LDC, UDC and Assistant in the Board and expressed to fill up the vacant posts and consideration of long pending transfer requests at the earliest.

            Com K. S. Madhusudhan, Secretary General welcomed all the members, those who come from different parts of the country, particularly the employees of MER, Patna and Divisional office, Ranchi, those who took initiative to make this conference a grand success.  He informed the house about the formation of committee to verify the vouchers for the year 2011-13 as the report submitted by the Finance Secretary at Bi-ennial National Conference held at Jodhpur.  After scrutinizing the vouchers, the committee confirmed to approve the report of Finance Secretary and finally the House accepted the report of verifying committee and approved the report of Finance Secretary for the year 2011-13 with huge claps.  Then, the Secretary General requested the President to adjourn the house to next day for presenting his report and the grievances of BECs.  The House was adjourned.

Second day on 24-08-2014

            Com R. N. Choudhary, President, again welcomed everybody and requested the Secretary General to proceed as per his agendas.

            Com K. S. Madhusudhan, Secretary General presented his report, as follows:-

1.      He elaborated the memorandum submitted to 7th CPC on 21st  July, 2014 and conveyed his sincere thanks to the committee viz., Com V. Sreekantan, Chairman of the 7th CPC committee, Members, P. S. Prasad, V. R. Rajagopalan and Member Secretary, N. Somaiah for preparation of draft memorandum in this regard.  Also, he extended his thanks to Com. A. Balasundaram  & Com S. S. Acharya, Assistant Secretary General and Com. Shashi Ranjan Kumar, Finance Secretary those who assisted him in finalization of Memorandum. He informed all the General Secretaries to see the memorandum uploaded in our WEBSITE.  After presentation of the 7th CPC memorandum, the House appreciated and applauded it.

2.      After vigorous persuasion from the staff side,  ultimately the Board has purchased 8 Nos. of 100/300 mtrs capacity multi function Rigs through KLR and 9 more Drilling Rigs in the capacity of 300/400/500 mtrs are to be purchased in the financial year of 2014-15 itself.

 3.      The Ministry has conveyed the administrative approval for procurement of 15 Nos. of new compressors in various ranges and expected to receive within short time.

4.      About the alarming position of the M.S.Pipes among the Divisions, the Secretary General clarified that the supply order has already been placed with the respective firm and the firm has ensured that the supply of the pipes will be over within a month.

5.      After a long persuasion of the staff side in the forum of Office Council (JCM), CGWB, the sanction power of GPF withdrawl and conversion of the Divisional offices has been restored to EE under the provision of Rule-12(2) of GPF Rules, 1960,  and the order has been issued to all HOO of Divisional Offices vide lr No.105-08/Misc.Corr/2009-L.A/3418 dated 29th April 2014.

6.      About the engagement of private security guards at field units in the Divisional offices, the Secretary General informed that all the Head of Offices were advised long back to send their proposal to CHQ for seeking administrative approval for engaging private security guards at their field units, but except 2-3 places, no proposal has been received from their end.  Out of 2-3 places, Division-V, Ranchi is going to get the approval for the same.  Hence, all the General Secretaries are advised once again to contact their HOO immediately and get the proposal prepared and sent to CHQ before the end of October 2014, so that at a time the case could be processed and the issue is materialized.

7.      It was explained, the upgradation of Pay scale of Artisans to GP Rs.4200/- has been restored through Court of Law and order has been issued to all the field offices vide CHQ letter No.7-23/Vol.IV/2009-Engg.Estt/4075 dated 22nd May 2014 for immediate implementation.  The existing members as well as retired members will get more benefit during this implementation.  The President of the House, is requested his General Secretaries to collect special donation Rs.5000/- as minimum from the beneficiaries to boost the financial position of the CEC and BECs.

 8.      Regarding resolution passed in the Jodhpur Bi-ennial National Conference, the employees association made his best effort for clubbing of LDC, UDC and Assistant in the Board and finally, it has been agreed in principle by the Administration during last Office Council (JCM), CGWB, held on 22-07-2014.  The House conveyed their thanks to the CEC for their effort.

9.      Arbitrary transfer order was issued in respect of Com. Moolchand Tewatia, Foreman Rajnish Kumar, TO(D) & Chairman, BEC, Arjun Singh, Mechanic and Angrej Singh, Mechanic and finally two transfer orders of Com. Rajnish Kumar and Arjun Singh, were cancelled after continuous agitational programme at Div.-II, Ambala and 2 days Dharna at CHQ, Faridabad.  The then Chairman of Board assured the Employees Association to consider the transfer case of Com. Angrej Singh, Mechanic from Jodhpur to Ambala before his superannuation, but it could not be acceded to. However, the Secretary General assured to House, the case has been taken with the appropriate authorities of the Board and Ministry to consider such cases in future.  As the case of  Com Moolchand Tewatia, Foreman, is under sub-judies and likely to be finalized soon.

10.  Regarding two days strike on 12-02-14 & 13-02-14 call given by the Confederation was observed successfully and informed the house that again Employees Association is going to phased manner agitational programme during the month of September 2014 on 11 charter of demands, the Secretary General has advised all the BECs to be ready to make the agitational programme a grand success.  Detailed agitational programme will be given through web site.

11.  Upgradation of Technical Operators pay scale to Rs.3050/-, the case has been filed in the CAT, Delhi Principle Bench vide O.A.No.2313 of 2013 is under process.

12.  As per the decision of the Bi-ennial Conference held at Jodhpur, the  Secretary General proposed in the House to enhance the annual subscription from Rs.200/-to Rs.300/- from the  bonafide members of the Association w.e.f financial year 2015-16.  Unanimously the  house  accepted and passed it.

The report submitted by the Secretary General passed in the house unanimously.

Com. C. D. Singh, President, COC Patna,  Com. Manjul Ku. Das, National Secretary, All india State Govt. & Employees Federation, Com. Raj Kishore Singh, Vice President, Bihar State Employees Association, Com. Ved Narayan Singh, Organising Secretary, Com. Bindhya Singh, Circle Secretary, Postal Accounts, Com. D. P. Singh, Finance Secretary, COC Bihar State  were invited to the dais and Secretary General, CEC, AICGWBEA greeted all the comrades with bouquet.  They deliver their speeches about the anti-employees attitude of UPA & NDA Government and requested the Central Government Employees to be more sincere and active participation in the agitational programme given by Confederation to get the demand of working class.  And, they assured that they will go with the Central Government Employees in future to fulfill their demands.

The Secretary General read out the gist of meeting held between Com. P. S. Prasad , General Secretary of Karnataka Co-Ordination  Committee & 7th CPC committee members held on 24.8.2014 and expressed his thanks from the house for his earnest effort.

After the concluding of the Secretary General’s Report & speeches delivered by the State leaders, Com. President advised all the BECs to place their grievance before the house for making fruit-full result.

The Chairman of the BEC, Div.III & the General Secretary, Lucknow Region pointed out about the procedure of survey-off of drilling rigs & procurement of new rigs & transfer of Executive Engineer & Assistant Executive Engineer out of Varanasi.  Secretary General assured that old Rigs will be surveyed only after the receipt of new drilling rigs.  It was also assured in the house by the Secretary General that Shri S. N. Singh, AEE will be transferred from Varanasi very shortly.  While giving answer to the questions put by some of the Leaders of the BECs the Secretary General said that the Store charge will be given to Store Keeper where the Store Keeper is available. If the Store Keeper is not available then the charges will be given to senior most ASK.  The Secretary General assured all the BECs that action will be taken to have their Store Superintendent in each offices for that new R/R is to be framed.  It was also intimated that getting the promotion of Store Superintendent, total 15 (fifteen) years of Service will be counted of ASK & SK together and the same will be pursued by the CEC.  

Com. S. S. Acharya, ASG of CEC pointed out about the Resolutions taken in the divisions like Varanasi, Ambala & Bhubaneswar regarding transfer of their Head of Offices. It is not materialized  so far  which creating  commotion among the staff.

Com. Nalini Ranjan Acharya, Chairman & Com. U. C. Mishra, General Secretary of BEC, Division discussed about their resolution passed in the General Body Meeting to transfer Shri K. K. Pahi, AEE & HOO immediately out of Division.-X.  They also attracted the attention of the President & Secretary General how Shri K. K. Pahi playing his anti-association  and non-cooperation attitude  in the division.  They also explained in this regard our Secretary General was advised Sri S. S. Acharya, Astt. Secretary General of CEC, to enquire the matter and submit a report which already been submitted 3 months back and demand pending unfulfilled.  However, BEC Div.-X, strongly demand to pass a resolution in the house to remove Shri K. K. Pahi from Bhubaneswar.  Accordingly, house passed a resolution to remove Shri Pahi immediately. 

Com. Manoj Srivastav requested President and Secretary General to allow Com. N. Somaih to give a short lecture about the role of BEC/RC(JCM)/CEC/Office Council/Departmental Council.  With the permission Com N. Somiah, Vice President of Confederation delivered his lecture on the power & functions of all these scheme. 

Com. Harender  Kalita, Member (Office Council) and Com. Mahendra Roy, Chairman, BEC, Div.VII, Guwahati  requested the President & Secretary General to keep their next Bi-ennial Conference at Guwahati and the Employees of  both the BECs are ready to host it and he also invited all the Chairman and General Secretaries and special invitees present in the house. Com. President and Com. Secretary General gave their acceptance and announced that notification in this regard will be issued well in advance.

The President intimated to the house that the members of the association will travel in 3AC having association work/meeting.

Com President & Com. Secretary General extended their thanks to MER Patna & Div.V, Ranchi for conducting  Annual Conference  within short period and made it grand success.

At the last Com. Sudhir Jha, General Secretary of BEC, MER Patna gave thanks to all the delegates of  CEC/BEC/Office Council /Departmental Council  those who have come and participated  in this Historic Annual Conference  held at Patna and wished to have a happy journey while going back to their own place. 


                                   SECRETARY GENERAL

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Thursday, 11 September 2014

No.                                                                                          Date: 11.09.2014.

            The Cabinet Secretary,
Government of India,
Rashrapati Bhawan Annexe,
New Delhi-110 001.

Through the Head of Office.

Respected Sir,

            The Confederation of Central Government Employees and workers is the apex level organisation of all Federation/Association/Unions of CGEs other than in the Railways and Defense Departments. It was in the wake of a Strike action in 1960s by the Central Govt. Employees, the Govt. of India set up permanent negotiating machinery called JCM so that the employees will be able to raise their demands and grievances and seek settlement thereof through dialogue. This machinery has now come to a standstill as the Govt. does not convene the meeting of the councils at the National and Departmental levels on one pretest or the other. A new set of rules for grant of recognition of service associations were promulgated in 1993. Many Ministries, despite the employees /Federations, abiding by the stipulated conditions, have not JCM had the facility of referring the issues on which the Government could not agree upon to the Board of Arbitration. The decision/award of the Board was binding on all parties. Still the Government had been rejecting the awards in favour of the employees on the specious plea of adverse impact on national economy by presenting resolutions in the Parliament. We need not emphasise the unethical character of this approach which undermines the confidence of the employees in the fairness of the system.

The 6th CPC recommendations and its implementation had given rise to various anomalies. The employees genuinely felt that the said anomalies would be removed through discussion for which the Government had set up a committee. The committee despite meeting on four occasions had not been able to settle the issues; nor could it be referred to the Arbitrator. No decision has been taken by the Government so far as to the fate of these anomalies.

The Government set up the 7th CPC in September last. Its notification was issued early this year. Despite assurance being held out, the terms of reference was not subjected to discussion with the staff side with the result the demand of the employees to include the Gramin Dak Sewaks within the ambit of the Commission was not acceded to. The 6th CPC recommendations were implemented with effect from 01.01.2006. The revision of wages was due on 01.01.2011 having completed five years. Wage revision is permitted in the Public Sector undertaking every five years. The value of wages fixed in 2006 has been eroded significantly during the period due to the high rate of inflation and price rise.

The new contributory pension scheme was introduced by the Government on the plea that the pension liability has become unbearable and is a drag on the exchequer. In our Memorandum to the then Prime Minister, we had raised several issues and had pointed out that the financial outflow on account of the new scheme will be much more than the existing defined benefit scheme. We had indicated in our memorandum quite a number of aspects which would be detrimental to the interest of workers. The Government has decide allow FDI in pension fund operations. This will only result in the flow of Indian Savings for investment outside the country.

We submit herewith the charter of demands which requires settlement urgently. We have also appended a Note on each of the issues included in the charter of demands, which is self explanatory. We shall be grateful if these issues are caused to be considered by the concerned departments of the Government of India and brought before the negotiating forum for settlement.

Thanking you.

Yours faithfully,

(                                 )

Wednesday, 10 September 2014



Phase I – 11.09.2014 – Protest Demonstration at all important places and submission of Memorandum to Cabinet Secretary and all Departmental Heads

NB: copy to the Memorandum, Charter of Demands and explanatory notes on Charter of Demands will be exhibited in the website on 10.09.2014.

Phase – II – 19.09.2014 – Nationwide Day Long Mass Dharna at all important centres.

Phase – III – 25.09.2014 -  Mass Dharna at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi

Following are the Demands: -

1.      Merger of DA with pay for all employees w.e.f. 01.01.2014 including Gramin Dak Sewaks and Pensioners.
2.      Grant of Interim Relief to all employees including Gramin Dak Sewaks and Pensioners.
3.      Inclusion of Gramin Dak Sewaks under the purview of 7th Central Pay Commission
4.      Scrap PFRDA Act and grant statutory defined pension to all including those appointed on or after 01.01.2004.
5.      Date of effect of 7th CPC recommendation should be 01.01.2014.
6.      Regularisation and Revision of wages of casual labourers and contract workers.
7.      Removal of 5% condition for compassionate appointment.
8.      Fill up all vacant post and creation of New Post wherever justified.
9.      Stop Downsizing, Outsourcing, Contractorisation and Privatisation of Government function.
10.  Grant productivity Linked Bonus to all without ceiling; Compute bonus as weighted average of PLB for those not covered by PLB agreement.
11.  Revise OTA and NDA and implement arbitration awards.
12.  Settle all pending anomalies of 5th and 6th Pay Commission.

All CHQ office bearers, General Secretaries of State C-O-Cs, Chief Executives of all affiliates and Branch/District/Divisional Secretaries are requested to mobilize maximum employees in the above programme.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Notification of Annual Conference

No.CEC-I/2013-15                                                             Dated : 15.07.2014.


In exercise of powers vested on me vide Article XIII A and in pursuance of vide Article VIII A (ii) of the Constitution, Meeting of Central Executive Committee (Annual Conference) and in consultation with the President, I here by convene/enunciate the date of meeting on 23.08.2014 & 24.08.2014 in Patna (Bihar).


1.         Briefing of memorandum submitted by AICGWBEA to 7th CPC.
2.         Review / Action Taken Report on the Minutes of 23rd Biennial National Conference held at Jodhpur.
3.         Review / Action Taken Report on the Minutes of 1st, 2nd & 3rd Central Executive Committee meeting.
4.         Approval of Accounts and Balance Sheet for the year 2013-14.
5.         Training for Chairman/General Secretaries on Association activities.
6.         Any other points with the permission of Chair.

Al the Chairman / General Secretaries, Member Office Council (JCM&CA), CGWB, Member, Deptt. Council (JCM&CA), MoWR, Member of Central Executive Committee are advised to ensure their presence in the aforesaid conference.


  1. All the Office Bearers of Central Executive Committee, AICGWBEA.
  2. All the General Secretaries, BEC, AICGWBEA.
  3. Members, Deptt. Council (JCM&CA), MoWR.
  4. Members, Office Council (JCM&CA), CGWB.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014


(Recognized by Government OF India)

            The 3rd meeting of Central Executive Committee of All India Central Ground Water Board Employees Association was held at Bhujal Bhawan, Faridabad on 5thJune, 2014.  The meeting was presided over by Com. R. N. Choudhary, President.  The following CEC members were present in the meeting:-

Name of Office Bearers
Post held
Com. R.N. Choudhary
Com. R.K. Pandey
Vice President
Com. N. Prem Kumar
Vice President
Com. K.S. Madhusudhan
Secretary General
Com. Sadasiv Acharya
Assistant Secretary General
Com. A. Balasundaram
Assistant Secretary General
Com. M. Rajan
Organising Secretary
Com. P.C. Sukla
Assistant Organising Secretary
Com. Gautam Parmar
Assistant Organising Secretary
Com. Meghanath Verma
Assistant Organising Secretary
Com. Nityanand
Chief Auditor
Com. Shashi Ranjan Kumar
Finance Secretary

            Com. R.N. Choudhary, President, welcomed all the CEC Office Bearers present in the meeting.  He also focused at the present situation of the Board particularly the defunctness of the Engineering Wing and callousness of the Chairman (Head of the Department) and Director (Administration).  He also delivered in his speech to strengthen the Association and suggested that all the leaders to follow the guidelines to make it more effective.  He also pointed out that sometime, some of our members are overstepping their responsibilities and violating the discipline in the association.  He advised all the leaders/ bonafide members of the association to be more thorough about the role of association and utmost care should be taken to vitalize this forum.  All possible efforts should be taken to establish peace, discipline and more result oriented in coming days. Then he directed Secretary General to proceed the meeting as per Agenda Items.

            Com. K.S. Madhusudhan, Secretary General welcomed everybody and thanked all the Office Bearers as they made available themselves in the meeting in spite of short time notice given for the meeting.   He also expressed his special thanks to BEC, CHQ, Faridabad for extending their cooperation in all CEC activities.  He also expressed that this 3rdCEC meeting was supposed to be held at Nagpur during April, 2014 and, the reason for postponement to June and being conducted at CHQ, Faridabad.  During  his speech, it was also stated that 50% of Court Case fee already been paid to Com. Moolchand Tewatia, Foreman  from CEC fund and direction given to the GS, BEC, Div.II, Ambala to make possible effort for arranging 50% payment  from BEC fund to the individual. Then the meeting proceeded as per agenda.


(I).       Violation of Approved Transfer Norms --
            Secretary General stated that Chairman & Director (Admn) of CGWB have become adamant and violating the approved transfer norms existing in the Board .  He also narrated that Director (Admn) is expressing his inability regarding transfer & posting cases.  It is also repeatedly stated by Director (Admn) that  Association  has no power to make any correspondence  with the authority regarding transfer & posting cases  and he has no power  to consider any of these cases and taking clue to take up these issues with  the Chairman, if so.    In this regard, CEC requested him to issue a letter to Association which is pending till date resulting employees are not getting their transfers on own request/public interest despite of vacancy & norms.  And it is also observed that administration issuing unlawful transfer orders which creates financial hardship, harassment & mental agony.  It is also seen that guidelines for economy measures is not kept in mind while issuing such orders unnecessarily causing financial loss to the Government. He also quoted some examples such as DCM/ADCM/UDC/OS & SK/Foreman cases how the administration is keeping silence and asiding  without considering the staff grievances.  In this regard correspondences were made and reminders also given, but no fruitful result.   Therefore, it is established that employees are not getting transfers on request and at the same time the forcible transfers are taking place which is violation of Transfer Norms. Regarding transfer of  Com. Dinesh Kumar Shaunak, Assistant Foreman, Div.V, Ranchi, Com. Bhatnaik, Draughtsman, Com.P.S.Bhasme, TOD, Com. G.B. Mendhe, DCM , CGWB, from Hyderabad to Nagpur, Com. R. R. K. Sinha, Asstt.  & others reminder will be submitted to the  Director (Admn).

In this subject, a thread-bare discussion was passed and a resolution made in the house that the authority should be given one more chance with15 days (fifteen days) time   to consider all the genuine pending transfer cases otherwise this matter will be taken-up  in appropriate forum and agitational  programme may take place  and the Head of the Department  will be held responsible in future (Resolution enclosed) .  However, a letter will be issued  from CEC to all the Branch GS/Chairman to send a list of pending transfer cases in respect of their employees (post-wise, separately ) latest by 15.07.2014 positively,  so that, a consolidated request list can be prepared and submitted to the Board immediately. 

(II).      Disciplinary action against BEC/individual employees of Div.II, Ambala --
            Com. S.S. Acharya, Assistant Secretary General  stated, during the episode of Ambala issue it was clearly established  that Shri H. K. Manocha, EE, is the only trouble maker of whole drama and  a resolution was passed in the General Body meeting of BEC, Div.-II, Ambala held on  05.11.2013 for immediate transfer of Sri H. K. Manocha, EE, out of Ambala,  which has not yet been  carried out. In this regard a detail report was submitted by him.   The matter was discussed and decided that another fresh letter will be written to Director (Admn) for immediate transfer of present  Ambala Executive Engineer otherwise CEC will be compelled to write next higher authority in next forum.  This must be given top priority.  Regarding transfer of Angrej Singh, Mech, from Jodhpur to Ambala, Secretary General assured the house that same will be done before retirement of Chairman as assurance given at the time of cancellation of transfer orders of Com. Arjun Singh, Mech & Com. Rajnesh Kumar, TOD & GS of Div.II, Ambala.    However, transfer request of Com. Angrej Singh, Mech, will be  looked-into  before retirement of Chairman  i.e. 07/2014.  Also, Secretary General requested all the leaders to strictly adhere the instruction  of CEC in future if any,  and  decided to ignore  last three sentences of 2nd para of the minutes of 2nd CEC (2013-15).

(III).    Directions/Interference of the Ministry --
            This matter was discussed in length & breadth and decided to submit a reminder  to enforce the DOP&T guidelines & approved transfer norms/policy strictly otherwise the pending staff grievance  will be sent to Ministry.

(IV).    Review of 1st CEC meeting --
            i)          Letter already written to Chairman in this regard.  No action initiated.

ii)         Now, it is decided to convene 95th OCM in the last week of July, 2014. Date of meeting will be decided by the Admn. very soon and will be intimated shortly.

iii)        In this regard, already one letter written to Chairman, under intimation to the Secretary, Government of India, Ministry of Water Resources. 

iv)        Regarding clubbing of posts of LDC, UDC & Assistant, a proposal was placed by the Association to the Administration and the same was discussed in the last Office Council Meeting.  But, it was agreed by the Chairman in principle and subsequently number of objection letters from staff on this proposal has been received by the Board.  Hence, this proposal is kept in abeyance.

v & vi) Done/ Action taken.

vii)       Regarding sanction of estimated amount as submitted by the CPWD for construction of Staff Quarter, Community Hall & Guest House at  Bhubaneswar, it has been decided that this work will be  awarded to NPCC and the Board has already received administrative approval of Rs.10.00 crores  and MOU is likely to be signed within span of days.  Work will be started within a month or two.  Efforts should be made for getting sanction of rest of the amount to complete the entire project at a stretch.

(V).      Non-supply of Drilling/Store materials such as Tents, Pipes, Bits, Mud etc. --
            Secretary General stated that a letter has already been written to the Chairman, CGWB but no development seen to save the drilling wing of the Board, rather, it is  deteriorating day by day, resulting as on today more than 60 (sixty) Drilling Rigs kept  idle and target has been reduced.  Today no Tent, Mud, Hammer, Bits, Pipes, Gravels are available at drilling sites, due to administrative constraints in CHQ level.  Under this situation machine are going idle and staffs are drawing their salary and other allowances  without any assignment of work.  This has become a very dangerous sign for the Department.  Hence, house passed a resolution that “ the Association (CEC) should discuss this issue with Chairman (HOD) through meeting & written under intimation to Ministry such as  (Secretary, Director (GW) & Addl. Secretary, GOI, MOWR.  If no proper action is taken by the Head of the Department to procure the drilling materials on war footing manner otherwise all the employees of the Board will go on phased manner agitational programme for survival of the Department as well as employees” (Resolution enclosed).  This issue may be discussed in the next Office Council meeting.  In this regard, it was also decided to write all the General Secretaries of BEC to explore the data of availability of stores such as Tent, Pipe, Bit, Mud, Hammer & Gravels etc., and intimate to CEC latest by 15th July, 2014 positively through FAX /Email for taking further action. 
(VI).    As per 1st para, it was discussed and decided to take up this issue in next Office Council meeting.

(2).       REVIEW ON STRIKE ACTION HELD ON 12TH&13THFeb.2014 --
            Secretary General stated that as per the instruction of Confederation of CG Employees, a letter was issued to all the BECs to participate in two days strike i.e. 12th & 13th, Feb.2014 based on 15 charter of demands.  It is noticed that almost all the BECs participated in full strength and made it success.  He also informed that all the General Secretary of Brach Executive Committee to keep the employee readiness incase if the procurement of drilling materials get delayed and the work is hampered and the employees kept idle further. 


            Already discussed at point no.(5) of review of 2nd.CEC meeting.

            Secretary General read-out the draft memorandum prepared for 7thCPC  by the committee headed by Com. N. Somaiah, (Ex-SG & Leader Departmental Council, (JCM ) Staff Side) and it was assured by him that necessary addition & deletion will be made in the memorandum and final memorandum will be submitted to the Confederation of CG Employees, New Delhi within the stipulated time and the same will be made available through AICGWBEA Web site.

            In this regard, Secretary General informed that a letter has been written to the Chairman, CGWB for delegation of powers to Director (Admn) before his promotion to Regional Director against which no action has been seen.  But, at this stage after promotion automatically the Director (Admn) should exercise his powers & position as laid down under duties & responsibility of Director (Admn).  But, it is observed that Director (Admn) always expresses his limitations and stating “no powers vested with him” resulting vacant posts are not filled-up, DPC not convening in time, Recruitment Rules are not finalized  since long, Cadre review not done, lot of transfer cases are pending and low paid employees are suffering. Therefore, it is decided to take up this issue in Chairman’s level as well as Ministry level soon.  Chairman should be apprised about the present adamant & defunctness of administration and should demand for a senior most capable Regional Director in this Chair. 

            Already discussed at Page (2) point No.(1) of review meeting of 2nd CEC.

            Since, the tenure of Departmental Council has already been expired and a letter in this regard, has also been received from Ministry, the Secretary General apprised the house and stated to ignore the composition of Departmental Council team in CGWB as decision taken in 1st CEC meeting held at Ahmedabad. He also proposed in the house to nominate all the members from staff side of CGWB in the Council in fresh.  Accordingly, a resolution has been passed in the meeting and following members have been included in the Council-

Sri R. N. Choudhary, President, CEC                 --          Member
Sri K. S. Madhusudhan, Secretary General, CEC --          Member
Sri Viswajeet Kumar, UDC, MER, Patna           --          Member
Sri Sunil Kumar, TOD, Div.-VIII, Jammu             --          Member
Sri Bahadur Chand, Draftsman Gd.-I, WR, Jaipur --          Member



(a)        Com.A.Balasundaram, Astt. Secretary General stated that vetting of interest on HBA are   lying pending since December 2013 with PAO office and stressed that the mater should be taken on priority with PAO for immediate completion of all the pending cases.
(b)        Com. R. K. Pandey, Vice-president insisted that Clarification is needed on latest GPF sanction order   issued vide letter No.105-08/Misc. Corr/2009-L.A.-3418 dated 29.04.2014 by CHQ.
©         Revised order should be issued in connection with Torch cell entitlement to the staff
(d)       Bhujal Shram Shakti magazine should be published in Bi-langual i.e. English & Hindi.
(e)        Appointment of Sri S.C. Panda on compassionate ground of Raipur division should be persuaded.
(f)        Action should be taken regarding withdrawal of experience certificate of Welding works from TOD/TOM/TOS/Blacksmith as asked by CHQ at the time of DPC.
(g)        Implementation of MACP should be on promotional hierarchy basis to all Group B(Non gestated) & Group C staff. It was decided to file a court case at Jodhpur CAT from the Association side.
(h)        Clarification needs regarding enhancement of washing allowance after increase of DA of another 50%.
(i)         All the pending DPCs should be convened with the existing R/Rules till the new R/Rules are amended. 
(j)         Efforts should be made to approve the new R/Rules from the CHQ & Ministry level.
(k)        CEC should take up the case of Sri Golekh Kandi, TOD, Div.X, BBSR with the Director (Admn) to withdraw the pay fixation order made vide Office Order No.490 of 2013 against letter No.Div.X/3-432/1994/Estt-1462, dated.21.11.2013 and restore back the previous fixation made vide Office Order No.404 of 2008 as per letter No.Div.X/6th.CPC/2008/Estt-1365, dated 26.10.2008.
(l)         Matter should be taken up with the Director (Admn) regarding immediate transfer of Sri K. K. Pahi, AEE and HOO out of Bhubaneswar as a resolution passed unanimously in the General Body Meeting of BEC, Div.-X, Bhubaneswar  vide No. BEC/Div.X/2013-14-66, dated 5.6.2014, Com. Mathew T. Abharam, Office Superintendent to Trivendrum  and Com. Kulamani Rout, DCM out of Division-X, BBSR otherwise all the staff members of BEC, Div-X will go on agitational programme after one month with the approval with CEC, Faridabad.
(m)       DOP&T may be contacted to explore the possibility for extension of CEC tenure from 2 yrs to 3 yrs. & Biennial  Conference  to be held in 3 yrs instead of 2 years so that expenditure  may be curtailed. (Action: Com. Shashi Ranjan,)
(n)        Ministry should be approached for revival of sanction of LDC/UDCs which has gone to deemed abolished.  
(o)        Next CEC meeting will be conducted after three months, in this regard necessary communication will be issued to all.
            The president quoted that in case of call for the oral evidence from the 7th CPC to AICGWBEA, he has deputed Com. K. S. Madhusudhan, Secretary General, Com. A. Balasundaram, Asst. Secretary General and Com. R. K. Pandey, Vice President to represent on behalf of AICGWBEA to apprise and high light our demands if permitted more than three members it can be selected by the Secretary General from other discipline accordingly.
Finally, the meeting concluded with vote of thanks to the Chair.
                                                (K. S. MADHUSUDHAN)
                                              SECRETARY GENERAL
All CEC Office Bearers / Members of Office Council (JCM) & Departmental Council (JCM), CGWB, AICGWBEA.
All the General Secretary, AICGWBEA, BEC