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Monday, 13 August 2012

Observe Anti-outsourcing day on 14th August 2012

  In accordance with the decision of the extended CEC meeting held on 25/07/2012 it is decided to hold  Anti-outsourcing day on 14th August 2012 in CGWB all branches are directed to hold gate meetings in their respective offices and pass the resolution.

  The Copy of the resolution should be sent to  the Chairman CHQ Faridabad  and  The Secretary to  Govt. of India MOWR New Delhi for information and necessary action.

BEC/          /2012                                                                       Dated: 14/8/2012

The Chairman
Central Ground Water Board 
Camp Faridabad  
        I am herwith  enclosing a copy of resolution adopted by the  General Body meeting of Employees of Branch Executive Committee of  __________      held on  14/8/2012 for immediate  & necessary action at your end . 

                                                                                                    Yours faithfully 

                                                                                                  (General Secretary)

      The General Body meeting of Employees of Branch Executive Committee                                held on 14/8/2012 have unanimously resolved  strongly to condemn the outsourcing of activities of Central Ground Water Board including Exploration of Ground Water.  

      The Central Ground Water Board carrying out scientific  work in the field  related to  Ground Water Exploration to access/analize  the quality of Water.  The quality of Scientific and Engineering   work  done by the Central Ground Water Board is of very high standard in nature and  compared with any any other agencies. 

          The scientific quality of work  carried out by  the Central Ground Water Board, cannot be commercialized, It is pure Research and Development work, hence it is necessary that the present Scheme of outsourcing of  functions of the  Central Ground Water Board must be stopped immediately.


            (Chairman)                                                                 (General Secretary )

Copy to

 1) The Secretary, Ministry of Water Resources,  Sharam Shakthi Bhavan, New Delhi
 2)  The Director (Admn.), CGWB ,CHQ, Faridabad for necessary action.
 3) The Secretary General, AICGWBEA camp Faridabad for information.
 4) The Organizing Secretary, AICGWBEA, camp  Bangalore.

FAX numbers.

1) The Secretary, MOWR,New Delhi Fax number : 011-23731553
 2)  The Chairman, CGWB ,Fax number : 0129-2412524
 3) The Director (Admn), CGWB, CHQ, Faridabad :0129 -2418518
 3) The Secretary General, AICGWBEA Fax number ;0129-2413121
 4) Organizing Secretary, AICGWBEA  Fax number 080-22586940/22587256

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