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Friday, 3 August 2012


(OM NO.1/1/80-Welfare, Department of Personnel and

           Grant-in-aid are provided to Recreation Clubs and Labour Welfare Fund Committees. 

          It is the Government’s policy to encourage the formation of Staff Clubs, which have as their object social functions, sports dramatic, literary and such other activities. The promotion and organization of such activities should, however, be a matter for the staff themselves.

          These Recreation clubs necessarily require voluntary workers from the staff to act as office bearers without interference with their official duties.  Such persons should be encouraged and given every assistance to undertake these responsibilities.  Besides financial grant-in-aid from the Government, encouragement, advice and guidance would also be given by Welfare Officers of the concerned Ministries /Departments.  Normally, the execution of club activities should be the responsibility of the elected executive headed by a senior officer of the Ministry/Department.

          Presently staff/recreation clubs are functioning in many Ministries /Departments.  These clubs provide facilities for indoor, outdoor games, and sports, and other organized welfare activities.  The main sources of income of these clubs are grant-in-aid from the Government and membership fee, the scale of which is graded.

          The procedure regarding grant-in-aid, which was earlier, sanctioned by the Department of Personnel and Training, has been decentralized and from the year 1981-82 onwards, such grant-in-aid in favour of Recreation Clubs is being sanctioned direct by the Ministry/Department concerned.

          The admissibility of the grants-in-aid to the Recreation Clubs is to be regulated in the following manner :

(i)      Categories of staff eligible for the concession

(a)  The grant-in-aid will be admissible on the basis of the total strength including gazetted officers subject to clause (b) borne on the regular strength of an organization i.e., Ministry/Department etc. and its attached and subordinate offices and such statutory bodies whose budget forms part of consolidated fund of India, irrespective of the fact whether any individual is a member of the staff club etc. or not.

(b)  Grant-in-aid in respect of gazetted officers will be admissible only to that Ministry/Department where membership of recreation club is open to such officers.

Note:  1.  Categories of staff not brone on the regular strength of an organization e.g. staff paid from contingencies, work charged staff, will not be taken into account.

Note:  2  Such categories of staff as are eligible for similar concession under some other rule, statutory provision e.g., industrial workers will not be covered by these orders.

(ii)     Amounts of Grant-in-aid
          (a)  The rate of the grant-in-aid will be Rs.10 per head per annum.
(b)  Besides this, an additional grant-in-aid upto Rs.15 per head per annum to match the subscriptions collected during the previous financial year by the existing staff clubs, will be admissible.  In the case of staff Clubs, which were not in existence during the previous financial year and which are started during the financial year in which grant-in-aid is to be given, an additional matching grant-in-aid upto Rs.15 per head per annum, to match the subscription collected by such clubs upto the date on which the proposal for the grant is mooted, may be sanctioned.

Note:  For this purpose, the total strength of the eligible staff will be that existing on 31st March, of the previous financial year in the case of staff clubs, etc. which were in existence during the previous financial year.  In the case of staff clubs etc. which were not in existence during the previous  financial year and were started during the financial year in which the grant-in-aid is to be given, the strength of the eligible staff will be that on the date on which the proposal for the grant is mooted.
        One Time grant in aid upto Rs 10000/- is also admissible
(iii)   Main Utilization of Grant-in-aid

          The grants sanctioned by the Government to the Recreation Clubs are intended for providing amenities or recreational or welfare facilities for the Government Employees. A list which is illustrative only, of main items on which expenditure can be incurred out of grant-in-aid sanctioned by Government for provision of amenities is given below ;-

1.       Articles of sports-outdoor and indoor games equipment.
2.       Cost of uniforms, etc., supplied to teams.
3.       Magazines and periodicals.
4.       Entry fee for tournaments.
5.       Hiring of playgrounds.
6.       Hiring and repair of furniture etc.
7.       Purchase of furniture.
8.       Conveyance expenses incurred locally.
9.       Entertainment.
10.     Prizes.
11.      Film shows.
12.     Hiring of accommodation for Club/Association etc.
13.     Cultural and sports programme.
14.     Inter-Ministry meets.
15.     Inter-departmental meets.

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