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Saturday, 26 May 2012

Massive Rally to March to Parliament on 26th July 2012 regarding 14 charter of demands

                 As decided in the National Executive Meeting of Confederation held at Kolkatta on 28th April 2012. the rally to March to Parliament is  on 26th July 2012 at New Delhi in  respect of regarding 14 charter of demands of Central Government Employees major demands are as follows.

a)Revise wages of CGEs with effect from 1.1.2011 and every 5 years
b) Settle all anomalies including the MACP related ones 
c) Merge DA with pay for all purposes
d) Provide  transport allowance  for field staff 
e) Constitute 7th CPC

 All branches are directed to mobilize  members for the March to Parliament on 26th July 2012 The are requested to ensure maximum participation All Office Bearers of the Branches are directed to attend March to Parliament is  on 26th July 2012 at New Delhi without fail ,The minimum number of  persons from branches are as follows for March to Parliament is on 26th July 2012 at New Delhi there is no bar on maximum participation.  

a) The distance from New Delhi less than 500 kms each branches should ensure that 20 persons should attend. the rally 
b)The distance from New Delhi less than 1000 kms each branches should ensure that 15 persons should attend the rally
c)The distance from New Delhi less than 1500 kms each branches should ensure that 10 persons should attend the rally
d)The distance from New Delhi less than 2500 kms each branches should ensure that 05 persons should attend the rally

They should be present preferably at Faridabad on 25th July. All Branches should hold General Body Meetings and explain the demands and take tour approval raise special funds if necessary for rally and reserve their tickets right now as the reservations are available right now  so that the journey should be comfortable.

The Central Executive  Committee Members are directed to be present at CHQ Faridabad on 25th July to attend the CEC Meeting 

Comradely yours

Organizing Secretary 

Friday, 25 May 2012

Pay fixation of Senior Drivers

Pay fixation of Drivers  who have been placed in the Driver (Grade -I) directly . The Orders have been issued  on 27th May 2012 vide letter no 17-4/2012 Min Estt to fix their  pay first  notionally in Grade -II and again in Grade-I . This order benefits many old senior Drivers whose pay fixation will be effective from the year 1993.  All units are directed to implement this order.    

Thursday, 24 May 2012

CEA Clarifications

GPF Rates

 It is announced for general information that during the year 2012-2013, accumulations at the credit of subscribers to the General Provident Fund and other similar funds shall carry interest at the rate of 8.8% (Eight point eight per cent) per annum. This rates will be in force during the financial year beginning on 1.4.2012.


Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Revised Funds

The revised funds for the year 2012-13 has been released 0n 22nd  May 2012 all are requested to ensure that the pending bills may be passed at the earliest. 

Monday, 21 May 2012

RR Guidlines

Friday, 11 May 2012

Multi Tasking Staff Group ‘C’

Redesignating erstwhile Group ‘D’ employees as Multi Tasking Staff Group ‘C’ and their revised duties.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012


The TE and other funds will released around 25th May 2012 after the parliament passes the budget for 2012-13.  All General Secretaries are directed to keep the bills ready  for payment by 25th May so that the payment can be made immediately after receiving the funds.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012


The National Executive meeting of the Confederation was held at Kolkata on 28th April 2012 as scheduled.  The meeting was chaired by Com. S.K.Vyas, President. attended over 30 organizations /federations  and 16 state level COC .  

Agenda No.1: Programme of Action -
Unanimously decided to organise a March to Parliament on 26th July, 2012(Thursday) with   a participation of about 50,000 comrades  Series of demonstrative action programmes will be carried out during the months of August    to      November, 2012. The programme will be culminated in a One day Strike on a date to be fixed by the Sectt. and announced at the rally on 26th July, 2012.  The proposed one day strike for economic issues will be on a day between the last fortnight of November and the first week of December, 2012, depending upon the period of the Monsoon session of the Parliament. 

Agenda No. 2: Campaign programmes - The first phase of the campaign programme will be concluded by 20th July, 2012.  The National leaders will visit all States.  Meetings will be organised at least in three places in each State.

Other Issues 
.Com K. R. Pillai  raised  that the 6th CPC has done great injustice to the cadre of LDCs and UDCs and the MACP scheme has compounded it.  The restructuring of the UDCs cadre in the Central Sectt. has accentuated the injustice and has disturbed the parity which had all along been in existence with the Sectt and subordinate office staff. 

Com.Prasad raised the issue of denial of transport allowance for those who are on field duty which put them into great financial loss.  

Charter of Demands 

Item No 1 Stop price rise and strengthen the PDS.
Item No. 2 and 3, Stop outsourcing, contractorisation,
Item No.4.Revise wages of CGEs with effect from 1.1.2011 and every
five years thereafter

Item No,. 5. Stop the New Pensions cheme and extend the statutory
defined benefit pension to all CGEs ireespective of the dae of

Item No. 6. Regularise the Daily rated workers, GDS, remove ceiling on
compassionate appointments end discrimination in the grant of bonus to
GDS employees.

Item No.7. Remove restriction imposed on compassionate appointment and
the discrimination on such appointments between the Railway workers
and the other sections of CGES.

Item No.8 Stop the move to introduce the productivity linked wage
system; perfiormance related pay; introduce the PLB to all departments
; remove the ceiling of emoluments for bonus computation.

Item No.9.
Settle all anomalies including the MACP related ones raised in the
Departmental and National Anomaly Committees and ensure the
functioning of JCM in all departments.

Item No.10 Make the right to strike legal

Item No. 11 Implement all arbitration awards.

Item No. 12. Revise the rate of interest of GPF. Revise the OTA and
night duty allowances and stitching charges

Item No. 13. Merge DA with pay for all purposes including pension as
and when the DA rates crosses the 50% mark.

Item No. 14.Vacate All Trade Union victimization