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Saturday, 30 November 2013

Sunday, 10 November 2013


No.Org.Sec/CEC/2013-15                                                           Dated: 6th Nov. 2013

      All General Secretary

      Transfer of 4 workmen of workshop staff of CGWB, Div.II, Ambala – Phased manner agitational
                         programme – sending fax messages – regarding.

Dear Comrade,

                You are aware that the Central Executive Committee of this Association has notified phased manner agaitational programme for the employees of the Central Ground Water Board, Div.II , Ambala, as 4 individual workshop staff from that office has been transferred unilaterally, arbitrally and unlawfully to elsewhere.  The employees of CGWB, Div.II, Ambala alone fighting for cancellation of transfer orders to their co-workers, has injustice caused to them.  Being they are in our Association as members, it will also become our utmost duty bound to extend the helping hand to the agitating the employees.

                Therefore I propose to conduct the General Body meeting of your Branch to pass the resolution as below and copy also endorsed as shown.

The Chairman                                                                           Fax no.0129-2412524
Central Ground Water Board, Bhujal Bhavan
Nh-IV, Faridabad 121 001.


   The Members of AICGWBEA, BEC _______________ (Name of the Division/Region)___________ (place) strongly condemn the unilateral, arbitral and unlawful transfers of 4 workmen of CGWB, Div.II, Ambala, in its General Body Meeting -  Urge to cancel their transfer orders.

                                                                                       General Secretary

Copy forwarded for information to:

1.       The Secretary to Government of India, Ministry of Water Resources, Shramm Shakti Bhavan, Rafi Marg, New Delhi.  (Fax No.011-23731553)
2.       The Joint Secretary to Government of India, Ministry of Water Resources, Shramm Shakti Bhavan, Rafi Marg, New Delhi, (Fax No.011-23710343).
3.       The Member, (ED & MM/SAM/SML/T & TT), CGWB, Faridabad.
4.       The Director (Administration), CGWB, NH-IV, Faridabad.
5.       The Secretary General, AICGWBEA, CEC, Faridabad.
6.       The Organizing Secretary, AICGWBEA, CEC, Camp at Bangalore.
                                                                                        General Secretary

        The above said message should be faxed to all the above officers, latest by 11-11-2013 invariably.

        With revolutionary greetings,

        AICGWABEA Zindabad !

                                                                                           Yours Comradely,

                                                                                           Organizing Secretary

Copy to the Secretary General, AICGWBEA, CEC, Faridabad, for favour of information.

                                                                                            Organizing Secretary


CEC/AMB-II/2013-15                                                                                         Dated: 01.11.2013


                It has been observed that about few undue transfers have been taken place from the Workshop Staff of Central Ground Water Board, Division II, Ambala with malafide intension of authorities while violating the approved transfer norms.
                Therefore the following team of Office bearers of Central Executive Committee of the Association are hereby deputed to Ambala in addition to the President with immediate effect to enquire and submit the report to Central Executive Committee.
1.       S/Shri     Sadashive Acharya, Assistant Secretary General
2.                     M.Rajan, Organising Secretary
3.                     P.C.Shuka, Assistant Organising Secretary
4.                     Gautam Parmar, Assistant Organising Secretary

(i)           The team should enquire under what circumstances, the approved Transfer Norms have been violated by the authorities in case of the individuals
(ii)            Actual reasons for transfers of Workshop staff at once
(iii)    Enquire whether any other action fit to have been initiated instead of transferring three Workshop staff at once
(iv)           Whether any mis-conduct is involved in respect of individual transfers
(v)            Suggest any action under rule could be initiated instead of transfer
(vi)          What type of malafide intention of authorities is involved for proposing their transfers. 
(vii)      The team also needs to be addressed the emergency General Body meeting of Division II, Ambala
(viii)      Over all supervision of Com.Ram Niwas Choudhary, President would be available to the team
(ix)        The report should be submitted to CEC immediately on completion of their visit and suggest further consideration

Com.Sadashiv Acharya, Assistant General Secretary/ Com.M.Rajan, Organising Secretary / Com.P.C.Shukla, Assistant Organising Secretary /Com.Gautam Parmar, Assistant Organising Secretar

                                              Secretary General

Copy forwarded for information to:
            1.       The Chairman, Central Ground Water Board, NH IV, Faridabad
            2.       The Member (ED & MM)/(SA&M)/(T&TT), Central Ground Water Board, Faridabad
            3.       The Director (Admn), CGWB, NH IV, Faridabad
            4.       The President, AICGWBEA,
            5.       All the CEC Members, AICGWBEA,
            6.   The General Secretary, Division II, Ambala for information

            7.       The Leader Staff, Departmental Council (JCM), MOWR

Monday, 4 November 2013

7th CPC AICGWBEA Committee Formed

No. CEC-I/2013-15                                                                         Dated: 28.10.2013 
Need of committee with team of Officers/officials felt for having studied on the issues and to be submitted to the 7th Central Pay Commission on behalf of All India CGWB Employees Association. It is therefore formed a committee with following members. 
1)S/Sh. T. C. Mathur Chairman 
2),,  V. Srikantan  Member 
3),,  P. S. Prasad Member 
4),,  N. Somaiah  Member Secretary 
The requested input feel necessary may be submitted to the above committee through following members of Association category wise- 
1)S/Sh. A. Balasundram  Scientific Staff Side 
2),,     Jugal Kishore Nayak  Ministerial Staff Side 
3),,    N. Prem Kumar   Workshop Staff Side 
4),,   N. Kumar  Drilling Staff Side 
5),,    H. Kalita  Store Staff Side 
6),,   Kalika Prasad  Driver Staff Side 
The required material fell necessary may be submitted to the committee through aforesaid members on discipline wise latest by 30.11.2013 so as to compile and submit further. 
Copy forwarded for information and necessary action to all the General Secretaries, AICGWBEA.