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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Special Casual Leave

        Government servants who are union office bearers and delegates of the Central Government employees unions/associations may be granted special casual leave to attend the activities of Unions/Associations.
An office bearer of a recognized service association/union of Central Government employees may be granted special casual leave up to a maximum of 20 days in a calendar year, for participation in the activities of Associations/Unions.
Outstation/delegate members of executive Committee of recognized All India Association/Federation may be granted special casual leave up to 10 days in a calendar year to attend its meetings and
Similarly the local delegates/local members of executive committees of all recognized Associations/unions Federations may be granted special casual leave up to 5 days in a calendar year for attending meetings of such Associations/Unions/Federations.
Those availing special casual leave as office-bearers will not be entitled to avail special casual leave separately in their capacity as Delegate/Committee members.
       Where a Union/Association/Federation follows a year other than the calendar year for the purposes of its annual elections, the entitlement of special casual leave should be regulated in terms of the year actually followed by such Union/Association/Federation in place of the calendar year.  When an office-bearer comes into office during the course of the year in casual vacancies, the competent authority has the discretion to grant special casual leave up to the maximum entitlement in a full year, having regard to the genuineness and merits of each particular case.
(MHA OM No. 27/3/69-Estt(B), dated 8.4.69 & Deptt. of Personnel OM No. 8/13/72-JCA, dated 4th September, 1972)
       At the request of the leader of the Staff Side, the Head of the Department/Office may grant special casual leave not exceeding five days in a year, to a member of the Staff side to enable him to attend Staff side Consultations.
       Similarly the leader of the Staff Side and, at and above the Departmental Joint Council level, one Secretary from the Staff Side designated as such by the leader, may be allowed additional special leave not exceeding 10 days in a year for preparing staff side cases.  This will be in addition to the provisions regarding grant of special casual leave for association activities contained in OM No. 27/3/69-Estt(B), dated the 8th April, 1969.

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