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Tuesday, 17 December 2013


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            The 2nd meeting of Central Executive Committee of All India Central Ground Water Board Employees Association held at Bhujal Bhawan, Faridabad on 4th & 5th December 2013.  The meeting was presided by Com.R.N.Choudhary, President.  The following CEC members were attended the meeting.  Also, the Members of Office Council(JCM) and Departmental Council(JCM), MoWR were attended the meeting as a special invitees.

Name of the Leader
Com R.K.Pandey
Vice President
Com N.Prem Kumar
Vice President
Com K.S.Madhusudhan
Secretary General
Com Sadasiv Acharya
Asst. Sec General
Com A.Balasundaram
Asst. Sec General
Com M.Rajan
Organising Secretary
Com P.C.Shukla
Asst. Org Secretary
Com Gautam Parmar
Asst. Org Secretary
Com Manoj Kumar
Asst. Org Secretary
Com Meghnath Verma
Asst. Org Secretary
Com Nityanand
Chief Auditor
Com N.Somaiah
Leader (Staff Side), Dept.Council (JCM), MoWR
Com Vishwajit Kumar
Member, Departmental Council(JCM), MoWR
Com Sunil Kumar
Member, Departmental Council(JCM), MoWR
Com Com Jugal Kishore Nayak
Member, Office Council (JCM)
Com N.Kumar
Member, Office Council (JCM)
Com Aloke Banerjee
Member, Office Council (JCM)
Com R.P.Tiwari
Member, Office Council (JCM)

            Com R.N.Choudhary, President, has welcomed the participants who had come from different places of the country to attend the 2nd Central Executive Committee meeting of All India Central Ground Water Board Employees Association.  He elaborated the entire scenario right from the beginning of Arbitrary, Unilateral and unlawful transfers of employees of CGWB, Div.II, Ambala.  On 4-12-2013 the delegation consisting of representatives of Employees Association had the disucssion with the Chairman, CGWB in length to resolve the issues of transfers of 4 employees of Div.II, Ambala and violation of approved Transfer Norms.  In turn the Chairman principally agreed to cancel the transfer orders of 2 employees viz., Com Rajneesh Kumar, Branch Committee Chairman, BEC, Ambala and Com Arjun Singh, Former Assistant Secretary General.  The transfer of Com Angrej Singh will be decided in due course.  As far as Com M.C.Tiwatia is concerned, the transfer case is under sub-judice before the Honourable CAT, Chandigarh Bench.  It has therefore been decided not to discuss on this issue. It was therefore decided in the house that the CEC and BEC, Div.II, Amabala to bear the Court expenditure of Com M.C.Tiwatia sharing 50% each.
             The President directed Com N.Kumar, Member, Office Council(JCM) to make a visit to JCM office at Faridabad once in a month for organizational work.  He is also directed all the CEC/BEC leaders to stay one or more days at JCM office at Faridabad to attend their own members/office pending work, while coming to attend the meeting scheduled.

            The President thereafter requested the Secretary General to take up the agenda items for debate.

            Accordingly, the Secretary General narrated the agenda and the following agenda items were discussed and debated.

            Thereafter, the Secretary General conveyed thanks to Com Hanuman Singh Meena, Organising Secretary, Joint Council of CG Employees & Workers, Faridabad & the General Secretary of Residents Welfare Association, Faridabad, Com.Mahesh Pal Singh, Ex-President of Joint Council, Com Sidhraj Singh, President CPWD, MRM Karmachari Sangatan, Faridabad and Com K.M.Tripathi, Circle Secretary, Haryana RMS Employees, for their glorious involvement supporting during the Dharna held at Bhujal Bhavan, Faridabad on 2nd & 3rd December 2013 against the Unilateral, arbitrary and unlawful transfers of employees of Div.II, Ambala.

1.         Violation of approved Transfer Norms

            While speaking, Com N.Somaiah, Leader, Staff Side, Deptt. Council(JCM), MoWR pointed out that the meeting should be held in the specified time and during the meeting the relevant documents along with folder, pen, pad should be provided.  He also stressed that all the members and special invites should attend the meeting with all the supporting documents.  He also emphasized time schedule of meeting should be maintained.

            He is also expressed his views on violation of transfer norms.  The Administration is frequently making statement that no violation of transfer norms is taking place while acknowledging the Association letters, if any found, the Association quote specific cases.  The willing employees are not getting transfers at the same time, the forcible transfers are taking place.  Transferring the employees out, despite vacancy in existence is violation of Transfer Norms.  Not filling up the vacancies in accordance with pending requests also violation of Transfer Norms.

            Com R.K.Pandey, Vice President has expressed that Com Dinesh Kumar Shaunak, Assistant Foreman, Div.V, Ranchi has already requested for his transfer to Div.II, Ambala which is pending for more than 5 years.  The post is vacant at Ambala.  He never worked nearby his home town and facing the problem for the past 25 years.

            Com Vishwajit Kumar, Member, Departmental Council(JCM), MoWR has expressed that Com Bhatnaik, Draughtsman  request is pending to WR, Jaipur since more than 2 years.

            Com S.S.Acharya, Asst. Sec General also pointed out that the following transfer requests are pending since long, which is genuine and to be considered immediately.
Name of the comrade

Roop Kisore
Div.XVI Bareilly
Dhurba Charan Sethy
Div.VII Gauhati
Mantu Kishore Das
Div.XV, Kolkata
Gayana Ranjan Das
Div.XVI Bareilly
Thapas Kukherjee
Driver Gr.II
ER, Kolkata
Div.XIII, Raipur

The Secretary General has therefore assured that a letter will be issued in this regard to all the General Secretaries regarding pending transfer requests, so that the consolidated statements will be submitted to Administration for consideration/implementation. 

            Further, Com N.Somaiah, Leader, Staff Side, Departmental Council(JCM), has expressed that no doubt the department has violated the DOP & T guidelines as well as approved Transfer Norms of CGWB.  He also explained more particularly, Com P.K.Sen, Kolkata  and Chennai transfer orders of Com.R.Karthigeyan, UDC, R.Suganthi, UDC, Com D.Kumaraswamy, UDC and Com V.Eswari, UDC.  All these cases are sufficiently established but the Administration has deliberately violated the transfer norms.

2.         Disciplinary action against BEC/individual employees of Div.II, Ambala.

            Com S.S.Acharya, Asst. Sec General stated that as per the instruction of Secretary General vide his letter no.CEC/AMB-11/2013-15, he visited to Div.II, Ambala  during 5.11.2013 to 7.11.2013  and observed  that there were some compliant & counter compliant between the staffs ,misunderstanding & groupisum  prevailing in the division and Shri H.K.Manocha, Executive Engineer is the Headmaster for this unrest situation at Ambala.  Anyway the team headed by him  accompanied by  Com. M. Rajan, Organising Secretary, & Com. P.C.Sukla, Assistant Organising Secretary under the supervision of Com. R.N.Choudhury, President of CEC tried to counsel among the staff and tagged in one thread  of all the staff of division  to be united and fight against this unlawful attitude of the administration in future.  He also informed that a Resolution has been passed in the General Body Meeting held at Div.II, Ambala on 5.11.2013 to transfer Sri H.K.Manocha, EE, immediately who is the trouble maker of this episode. The team also advised their staff members to keep themselves away from these compliant & counter compliant practices and advised Com. Manoj Kumar, GS, BEC & AOS of CEC to be more careful & vigilant to bring up the image of Div-II, Ambala Division.  In this regard a separate report already been submitted to the CEC. However, at the end the Secretary General agreed with the report of Com. Acharya, ASG and advised them to be united & one in future days .  After a long discussion the house passed a resolution to transfer Shri H.K.Manocha, EE from Division.II, Ambala. 

            The Secretary General also asked to the members, those who have not attended in the agitational programme at Ambala as per Schedule and called the reasons.  Com. N.Prem Kumar, Vice-President, Com. A.Balasunderam, ASG, Com. Gautam Paramar, AOS, Com. Nityanand, Chief Auditor, Com. Jugal Kishore Nayak, Member (OC) and Com. Viswajeet Kumar, Member (DC) explained their difficulties and requested for excuse.  In turn the Secretary General advised them to strictly adhere the instructions if any of CEC in future.

            Com Manoj Kumar, GS, Div.II, Ambala has conveyed thanks to all the leaders and members those who extended their support on the undue transfers of his own divisional staff/the employees of Div.II, Ambala.

3.         Directions/interference of the Ministry

            Com N.Somaiah, Leader(SS), Deptt.Council, stated that the Chairman, CGWB is the appointing authority in respect of Group-’B’ and Group-’C’ employees and empowered in all aspects.  The CGWB is the ultimate authority and Ministry’s directions if any feasible only are to be obeyed, otherwise Chairman, CGWB is responsible for any lapse. In this regard, a letter should be addressed to the Chairman, CGWB from Association side to enforce the DOP & T guidelines and Approved Transfer Norms/Policy strictly for which the House was agreed in toto and passed a resolution.

4.         Review of 1st CEC meeting:-

i)          The Secretary General informed that a letter has been addressed to the Chairman, CGWB on 30-10-2013 for entrusting/delegating with powers to Director(Administration) with an endorsement to the Secretary to the Government of India, Ministry of Water Resources. The opinion of the House is to mount the pressure on Chairman by the President and Secretary General for the purpose for quick/speedy disposal of the matters.

ii)         The Chairman, CGWB also agreed to fix up the main meeting of Office Council(JCM), which will be held during the first week of January 2014 and also advised to submit the new agenda items well in advance.  The Sec General advised all the Office Council Members to submit their new proposal if any atonce, so that consolidated agenda items will be prepared and submitted immediately.

iii)        A letter also been sent to Chairman, CGWB on 30-10-2013 with an endorsement to the Secretary to the Government of India, Ministry of Water Resources for acknowledging the letters of the Association.

iv)        Clubbing of posts of LDC, UDC and Assistant for the purpose of posting, a resolution has been passed in the Biennial National Conference held at Jodhpur during July 2013.  A letter written to the Chairman, CGWB on 03-10-2013 and action is awaited.

v)         A committee has been constituted to check up the vouchers on the expenditure incurred by the CEC for the tenure 2011-13 and this exercise will be completed by 15th February 2014.  The committee should be advised to confirm their travel plan to the CEC in advance, so that the Finance Secretary and Chief Auditor will made available.

Vi)       Atmost care will be taken to convene the Office Council(JCM) meeting as per the agreement/constitution of Office Council(JCM).  At the end of the meeting, the date for next meeting will be fixed/decided as per the JCM & CA constitution.

vii)       The CEC should approach the authorities of the Board to get the sanction of full estimated amount for the proposed construction of staff Quarters, Guest House and Community Hall at Bhubaneswar, as submitted by CPWD and NPCC, so that the entire work will be carried out at a time during the 12th five year plan.

viii)      A proposal came to the house for reconsideration of primary membership of Com R.P.Patel, Assistant, WCR, Bhopal as his resignation for the primary membership has been accepted.

ix to xi) Action already been taken.

xii)       Action initiated and vigorously pursuing.

xiii)      Action already been initiated in respect of Transfer Norms.

xiv)      The Secretary General stated that the one day training is going to be conducted during the Annual conference of Association to make awareness of Constitution of AICGWBEA and the scheme of JCM & CA.

xv)       In this regard, a letter has already served to Com Manoj Srivastav, Secretary(Staff side), RJCM and Com R.K.Yadav, Gen Secretary, BEC, Div.III, Varanasi to reconstitute the RJCM  and elect the Leader, Staff Side/Secretary, Staff side.

5.         Non supply of drilling/store materials such as Tents, Pipes, Bits, Mud etc.,

            A lengthy discussion was taken place.  All the members were expressed their views and felt that the authorities are intentionally not making any procurement action on tents, pipes, bits, mud and gravel etc.,    The CGWB is having very efficient procurement section right from Exploratory Tubewell Organization and CGWB is used to keep sufficient stock in their sub basecamps, but today’s situation is entirely different, if this scenario continues, the prestigious Engineering wing of Central Ground Water Board will shuts off soon.
All the CGWB funds are diverting to the private consultant (i.e) WAPCOS, which is also a question mark.

            Com N.Somaiah, Leader, Staff side, Deptt. Council(JCM), MoWR stated that a memorandum has given to the Honourable Minister of Water Resources in this regard.  He also pointed out that each and every year the Annual Action Plan/Field Season Programme (target) is reducing and authorities wants to sabotage the Engineering wing in full.  At the same time the authorities are earmarking that 2000 wells is to be drilled by private agencies for aquifer mapping, when already the Central Ground Water Board is having sufficient datas, then  what is the need to drill such number of wells. No basin wise study was done so far, except CGWB no department is available to do such kind of study in the country.

            The Secretary General stated that a letter will be addressed to all General Secretaries to explore the availability of stores such as tent, pipe, bit, mud and gravel etc., so that the consolidated demand/statement will be submitted to the Chairman, CGWB for initiation of centralized procurement action. Also, a resolution was passed in the house that within short time a strike notice will be given against poor attitude of the authorities towards drilling wing and to save the department from winding up.  An agenda item to that effect has been submitted to the meeting of Departmental Council(JCM), MoWR.

6.         Other points, if any

            It was proposed by Com S.S.Acharya, ASG that rotation policy of the Drivers among CGWB, Division and Region needs to be implemented on request of the individual if any.  While implementing the provision inter transfer of the substitute should be based on their longer stay as well the recommendations of the Branch Secretary of AICGWBEA.  He has also pointed out to fill-up the vacant posts in Ministerial Stream & Engineering Stream on promotional method without waiting finalization of the R/Rs in different cadre.

            Com A.Balasundaram, ASG suggested to the Secretary General to make effort to include CGWB in 7th.Pay Commission deliberations and also suggested to include Com.  V.B.Rajagopal, Superintendent, CGWB, KR, Trivendrum replacing Shri T.C.Mathur, as he has become Consultant in CGWB after his retirement.  Com. Nityanand, Chief Auditor explained that the MACP & DPC in respect of Scientific wing is done in time, whereas the similar cases of Engineering & Ministerial Wing are not convening in time.  A letter in this regard is to be prepared and submitted to the Authorities.

            Com. R.K.Pandey, Vice-President pointed out that one Consolidated proposal of Watch & Ward Duty for Divisional Office and Field Formations of Div.V, Ranchi  was sent to CHQ for according administrative approval but pending till today.  The Secretary General advised to re-submit the proposal after proper bifurcation.  He has also informed that the decision taken in the Office Council for not to engage the Technical Operator (Drilling) in Watch & Ward duty in CGWB. An Order already been issued by the CHQ in this connection and will be persuaded vigorously for implementation with time frame.

            Com N.Kumar, Member, Office Council(JCM) explained that no essential drilling materials like all sizes of pipe, Bits, hammer, drill rods, mud and Pea-gravel and Tent etc., are available in divisional stores, due to non procurement of these items, Divisional offices are facing much difficulty in achieving the prescribed/stipulated target.  Instead of MS pipe, Div.IV is using PVC pipe on casing on rock formation, this is not sustainable and it may collapse at any time.  During assembly in rotary rigs, the minimum 8” or 10” MS pipes is to be used, but now most of the Divisions are using only 6” MS pipe, where there will be no scope for pump test, if no proper pump test, zone test, then the yield from the tube well become questionable.  So far, the Central Ground Water Board employees has been participated in many strikes, dharna and rally etc., now the time has  come to fight for saving our own Department, for which the Strike is inevitable.  The Central Ground Water Board is spending more funds on Drawing competition and making wall calendars and table calendars etc., Moreover, during the drawing competition more Scientists of Regional Offices are involving months together, keeping aside their nature of duty and the main purpose of appointing Scientists in CGWB are getting deviated.  Instead of allotting funds to drawing competition, CGWB can be procured the essential materials to ensure the smooth functioning of Divisional offices without any hindrance.

            He also pointed out the disparity in submission of undertaking and performing Watch & Ward duty among Technical Operator(D),  Compressor Operator and Black Smith, but at the time of promotion to the post of ADCM, they are being denied promotion at same station.  He requested house to take suitable action to remove the disparity in submitting undertaking & performing Watch & Ward duty immediately.  Com President informed this has happened due to merger of TO(D) & ADCM posts.  The President advised Secretary General to approach the Director (Admn) to fix up the date of Office Council Meeting so that the agenda items will be submitted to authority well in advance. 

Com. K.S.Madhusudhan, SG, declared to conduct the 3rd CEC meeting scheduled to be held during the 1st Week of March 2013.  The exact date and place will be decided and intimated soon.

The meeting was ended with vote of thanks to Chair.
                                                                                                   Secretary General
Copy  for information to:

1.      All CEC Office Bearers/Members, Departmental Council(JCM). MoWR/Office Council(JCM), CGWB, AICGWBEA.
2.      All General Secretary, AICGWBEA, BEC_________________
                                                                                                               Secretary General

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