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Saturday, 24 November 2012

Career progression: Grant five promotion in the service career

       For the efficient functioning of an institution, the primary pre-requisite is to have a contended workforce.  It is not only the emoluments, perks and privileges that motivate an employee to give his best. They are no doubt important.  But what is more important is to provide them a systematic career progression. The present system of career progression available in the All India Services and the organised group A Civil services attracts large number of young, talented and educated persons to compete in the All India Civil Service Examination.  No different was the career progression scheme available in the subordinate services in the past.  Persons who were recruited to subordinate services were able to climb to Managerial positions over a period of time.  The situation underwent vast changes in the last two decades.  In most of the Departments, stagnation has come to stay.  It takes decades to be promoted to the next higher grade in the hierarchy. 

     It was the recognition of the lack of promotional avenue in the subordinate services that made the 5th CPC to recommend a time bound  two career progression scheme.  However, this has not gone to address the inherent problem of de-motivation that has crept in due to the high level of stagnation.  The exercise of cadre review which was considered important was not carried out in CGWB, the cadre review proposal is pending from past two years with the Ministry  . 

    The discontent amongst the employees of CGWB in the matter is of high magnitude today. The Group "A"  Officers in CGWB are having FCS scheme in which they get promotions once in 5 years automatically, The similar promotions should be available for Group "C" & "B"   Employees. It is, therefore, necessary that CGWB  should be  asked to undertake to bring about a cadre composition and recruitment pattern in such a manner that an employee once recruited is to have five  hierarchical promotions in his career as is presently the position in the All India Services and in the organised Group A services.


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