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Thursday, 28 July 2011


All General Secretaries/Chairman’s

                    I thank you all for electing the new CEC unanimously and I  thank you for electing me as Organizing Secretary, I would assure you all that I will try my level best to ensure most of your problems are solved,  Comrades I have been as Association leader in various posts from past 22 yrs.  I know your problems and I want your kind co-operation from your side to solve the problems. With Co-operation from senior leaders like Com. N.Somaiahji and others leaders we will solve your problems.

There are three types of issues/problems of employees

a)     The issues, which should be taken up in National Council, I assure as a dual role in as Organizing Secretary of AICGWBEA and General Secretary of COC Karnataka I will take up this issues also as I am in close liaison with Confederation leaders.

b)     The Issues which is pertaining to Department will be taken up in either Departmental Council or Office Council by the Secretary General.

c)     The other local issues should be taken up by BEC in the Regional Council 
      which is set up in each Regional Office, If any assistance is required , I
       will help you to form the Regional Council or issues pertaining to
       Regional Councils

           Comrades, The new CEC is trying to bridge the gap between the BEC leadership and CEC leadership, We have established a new web site http://aicgwbea.blogspot.com/ so that the information reaches you at faster rate and the messages are sent to your mobile number, We have observed that through a software that which BEC is watching the web site at what time and date, Generally I have found that almost all BEC’s are watching AICGWBEA web site , This is a good sign,  if any BEC has not started watching webs site please do at the earliest. The materials which are in the webs site are quite educative and enriches your knowledge so that you can talk to your H.O.O in better way. For example special casual leave can be availed up to 40 days.   So please read the Govt. orders which is published on web site.             

    The CEC has also opened an email account so that we can directly correspond with us on the email account is aicgwbea@gamil.com, Please try to send it in English. As many computers cannot recognize other languages,  We cannot read nor understand the text of your letter. by sending emails you can save money on letters posting and it saves time.

 The BEC especially the General Secretary and Chairman has also got its following duties &  responsibility’s, The Association work is God’s work please always bear it in mind, You have been elected with lot of hopes from your supporters, I wish you that  their aspirations are fulfilled.   

a)      To respond to employees problems.
b)      To  communicate with CEC and local COC
c)      Attend local COC meetings to gain more knowledge.
d)      To conduct General Body meetings at least once in three months.
e)      Have constant touch with employees and visit sites frequently
f)       Educate the employees either through web site or take print out and circulate the important circulars.
g)      Follow CEC instructions time to time

     I am trying to serve you at my level best, I have sent an SMS that what is the status of Regional Councils in your place, I have got reply from only a few BEC’s , I Kindly request you to send the details of RC meetings held so far such as number of RC meetings held and last RC meeting date. Your co-operation is also vital for the new CEC, Please respond to the directives of the CEC.  The matter should not be once sided. You can also contact Com Vishal Mudgal our young Assistant Organizing Secretary.

    Please be free to email to me or talk to me, I am always with you, Let us build the AICGWBEA with your support, looking forward for more co-operation from your side.

                                                                                                Comradely yours
                                                                                                                  Organizing Secretary 

Mobile Number: 09480066620

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